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Smart wifi PIR Motion Sensor

by Bilal Sheikh

5 uses of smart wifi PIR motion sensor

You must be familiar with the term IR, I-e infrared. The IR sensors are the sensors which throws, infrared rays to detect the warm body around the fence of detection. These infrared rays are used in motion sensors to detect the motion. As the body enters the radar, it provides signal to the sensor and convert it into electronic signals that help in detection of the body around. These motion IR sensors have its limitations. There is when the PIR sensor plays it role. PIR sensors can be referred as Passive Infrared sensors. This suggests that the sensor in it is not actively involved in the process. You must be wondering:

How sensors can detect without being involved in it?

How do you get to know if it is working or not?

If it is best, where can you use these PIR sensors in your setup?

Well, all your questions will be answered here with Omni smart home automation as we know how technology works and what benefits these smart PIR sensors can facilitate us in the setting up of offices, homes or in studios.

Working of smart Wi-Fi PIR sensor:

Smart PIR sensor is quite intelligent and stays passive so that the body does not get to know if there is any camera or sensor detecting. It does not emit IR signals itself rather works more as a detector that detects infrared radiations coming from human body in the surrounding area.  You must be wondering why not motion sensors?

Motion sensors detect the object with the use of infrared rays while PIR sensor is smart and does not emit IR, they are more complicated than the other sensors as they consists of two slots. Both slots are manufactured with the special material that is sensitive to IR. The Fresnel lens is used to see that the two slots of the PIR can see out past some distance. When the sensor is inactive, then the two slots sense the same amount of IR. The ambient amount radiates from the outdoors, walls or room etc.

smart PIR motion Sensor

Wireless smart motion sensor

Applications of PIR sensor:

Knowing the fact that PIR sensors detect the motion without IR, there are multiple applications that can be used to improve energy efficiency, convenience and safety but without the high additional cost. Here are some of the applications in which you can use your PIR sensors effectively:

  1. Automatic Door opening system:

Motion sensors are used to detect the motion and alert you with the movement. With smart outdoor PIR sensor, you can project opening and closing of doors in the places where you know person is in front of the door.  It can be understood as in hotels; shopping malls, theaters etc, and this sensor sense the presence of human body and send pulses to the 8051 micro controller, this micro controller then controls the motor driver by sending suitable pulses to its input. That will put the door in motion. Similarly, if you have automated your setup with smart Wi-Fi lock, you will not only get notification for the opening of your smart lock rather you will be informed with the number of person who entered in your home/office. They work best in the places where you know there are fewer pets/ animals and more human beings so that the thermal detection of the body is accurate.

  1. For garden lights:

Have you wondered that when you enter a hall way, sudden gloom darkness turns into the lights, how?

Well, for that magic trick, you need to integrate smart lights on your hallway and just configure them with your smart PIR sensor. They will detect the motion of a person coming and will turn on the lights automatically is someone enters. Similarly, you can integrate your garden lights with the PIR sensors; they will turn on as soon as you get in your home. Omni smart home solutions is best in installing and integrating more than one system simultaneously as that helps keeping your whole setup connected. With the Zigbee hub, you can manage your security system with the garden lights. If someone comes near the fence, your garden lights will automatically turn on. Or you can set your Alarms as well; your PIR sensor will activate your alarm automatically to make you cautious of danger prior.

  1. Common stair cases:

It is not necessary that you need to have proper setup and great investment to install PIR sensor. Rather, if you don’t want to invest in your hub, you can install smart PIR sensor in your stair cases which can be configured with your IOT. As soon someone starts climbing stairs, you will be aware. Similarly, common stair cases can have smart lights or strip lights involved which starts blinking as soon someone steps on it.

To make it more fancy, you can use RGB Color strip lights that will turn on the moment body will be detected.

  1. Security alarms based on PIR sensors:

The smart outdoor PIR sensor is usually the first choice for home security systems, as its ability to sense warm, moving objects such as people walking into a room is coupled with simplicity and cost effectiveness. In your home, office or any studio setup, all you need is to integrate with the alarm system and it will generate a siren. This sensor senses the infrared radiation which is emitted from the humans and then gives a digital output. This digital output is applied to the UM3561 IC. Thus, it generates the sound when any human body is detected. The UM3561 IC is a ROM IC that generates multi siren tones such as fire engine sirens, ambulance sirens, machine gun sound and police sirens.

  1. For basement and parking lots:

Smart Wi-Fi PIR motion sensors are not only for the houses and your offices, but you can also use them for your parking areas, garage and for the basement. Even also for the child’s room. You will get to know if your kid tries to get away from the room. You will get alert and similarly in garages and in parking lots you will be notified with the bodies coming towards your cars and automobile.


Buy Video door bell with WIFI in Pakistan

by Bilal Sheikh

Video door bell with wifi in Pakistan

Video Door Bell which is a smart video recording digital door bell that lets you to never miss a visitor at your door wherever you are in the world. Every doorbell has a HD security camera with night vision, PIR and smart motion detection. It can be set to trigger an alert to your smartphone whenever a visitor comes close to the doorbell or enters your driveway.

You may choose to have 2 way audio or video conversation with your visitor. Even if the visitor dose not ring the door bell you will still receive the notification on your mobile depending o


n your choice of time. Wifi Video door bell can be used to connect and trigger other smart home device in like a smart sensor or a RGB smart bulb to indicate someone has approached the door bell.

Doorbell cameras dose not require any additional wiring for power or data connection. Smart doorbell is battery powered and battery last up-to 6 months with latest technology of low power consumption. It is very easy to install and any one can do DIY door bell. Once installed Answer the front door from anywhere and have live video of your home in HD 1080p video quality with Ring Video Doorbell.

There are no monthly or annual subscription fee. Video feed is encrypted and stored using 32GB of storage on the device itself or you can buy addition cloud storage. you can view recorded video any time on your mobile device from anywhere in the world. Power your Video Doorbell with its built in rechargeable battery, or connect it to your existing doorbell wiring for a non-stop charge.

Security Door bell has a home security camera that lets owner see live video feed who’s at their door step through the Tuya / smart life devices App, with motion sensors that monitor close movements and sounds. It has a built-in mic for talking between guests and owner.

A lot of homeowners start to install smart home devices in their houses with smart home wifi door bell camera


1080HD video with live view.

Battery Operated

Motion-activated alerts.

Two-way talk.

Advanced motion detection.

Non-stop power.

Real-time alerts.

Connect indoor Chime to all your devices to extend your Wi-Fi and hear alerts in any room of your home.

Wi-Fi connectivity.2.4

Makes it easy to link with your home wireless network.

Night vision . Infrared LEDs allow you to view and record footage, even in low light.


Top 10 ideas to use smart life devices (tuya) for Smart home.

by Bilal Sheikh

Top 10 ideas to use smart life devices (tuya) for Smart home.

Are you confused because there are a lot of smart home devices and as many companies who provide you with the wide range of these products? Well, we all are at first but there is no rocket science in getting to know these devices. Here in this blog you will be made clear about the ideas that can be pursued for your smart home automation. Here I will mention 15 smart home devices that you can use to automate your home starting off with your day till you get into your bed.

Tuya smart life authorized dealer

complete wifi smart life tuya devices



1.      Smart Led Bulb and its function:

Smart Led bulb can be configured with Amazon echo, Alexa or your smart home Google app. Every Morning at 7 am when a light next to your bed slowly turning on into cool white in 30 minutes into full brightness. It makes you wake up comfortably from your bed when it’s the right time. For this automation you can use smart Google home app . From your app you can choose which lights you want to wake you up, how long to turn on for, and what brightness. That way it is much more comfortable to wake up and feel energized by the cool white temperature to white.

2.      Set up your Routine:

Well, you can schedule your routine for rest of your day from waking up time to sleep time through features including in Amazon Alexa. For this purpose, you will need an Echo or an Echo Dot. To create a routine in the Alexa app just click on Routines in the left slide out menu.


Authorized Smart life devices pairing

Configuring Smart Life Devices in Pakistan Step 1

Select “When this happens” and choose “Schedule” to have it happen at the same time every day.  It can be 7:20; 7:30 am whatever you want to start your smart plug up. Also the processor says Good morning, with the best greeting you want it to say to you. And tells you if the weather nice, or if it is rainy or cloudy. you can connect all smart life/ tuya devices from authorized re-seller in Pakistan to work together for a automation scenario.


Smart life configuration for devices in Pakistan

Smart life configuration part 2

3.     Motion sensor Configuration with work routine

You might have observed that by standing in corridor lights get on and when you leave the corridors they turn off automatically. So, using the same technology of motion detector we came up with the idea to set up routine of work and do multitasking at the same time. So, when you walk into the office to answer to your emails, motion sensor triggers the routine to have your calendar items and news read to you. That way you can get some of your multitasking done while working on computer.  For this you would need an Echo, Smart Things hub, and a motion sensor. It integrates very well into Alexa Routines and Google Home Assistant

4.     In a Rush and Want your Bathroom free?

When everyone is going to get ready in the morning and you might be waiting for someone to be done with the bathroom, have a smart light change colors when the bathroom is occupied. Well, for this idea of automation, you will need a contact sensor and a smart bulb. You could use any smart light that is IFTTT compatible though. Use IFTTT and say if the contact sensor is closed then turn on and change the color of the light. If the contact sensor opens, then turn the light back to white. To have the light that changed color goes back to normal you can use IFTTT to have it only run at certain times.

5.      Music and smart speakers:

While coming home from dropping of the kids at school, if you are home alone, your home music will automatically be playing. On contrary to this, if wife and baby are home, it won’t play music especially if the baby is asleep. For this one I you can use webCoRE in SmartThings. For most of the smart things we have used Alexa routines but since If you want to only play the music preferably webCoRE is recommended. If you want music to play any time you come home then just use your phone arriving home as the trigger for the Alexa Routine and have the action play music.

6.      Temperature control sensors:

Having the Ac not run as much as saves a lot of money. However, controls the air temperature by turning a fan off and on could be annoying. The smart thing motion sensor has a temperature sensor built-in that can automatically turn on the fan if it starts getting hot and turn off the fan after it cools down the room.

7.      Door bell Camera:

Among many diy systems, we have managed to make this smart home security system for your home that is doorbell camera with light synchronized. In this idea of smart home automation, Door bell video shown automatically. For this, connect a Ring doorbell to the brilliant light switch and it will automatically show the live video feed from Ring on the Brilliant screen. Once you connect them it just works so that’s pretty awesome.

8.      Smart lock and vacuum cleaner for air:

If the door lock is open, it will automatically lock and the robot vacuum will start cleaning automatically. This automated system requires connection and configuration of your smart lock and your vacuum cleaner. As soon as the door gets lock, the vacuum will start cleaning so that before coming home, you don’t feel like dust in the air.

9.      Water leak and Smoke sensors:

Water leak sensor will notify you when there is leak. So, it is must in your home if you have decided to professionally installed the smart home system. You will get the notification of small things that you usually ignore before they exceed the limit when it can explode. Water leak sensors and smoke sensors which are also known as CO gas sensor detect the gas leakage and will give command to your vacuum cleaner to evacuate the dust in air. For this purpose, you need to have a Google nest hub or any other smart home hub installed so that all your devices could be configured at one central point.

10.  Smart Thermostat:

You can use Google nest hub for this purpose as it makes it pretty easy to set to away mode. In the main home menu of the Nest app click on the little gear or cog in the top right. You can select “Home/Away Assist” to select your phone as a device that will set your system into away mode. To make your air not run while you are gone, go back to the main home screen in the Nest app and select your thermostat. Click on the settings (top right gear or cog button) and make sure “Home/Away Assist” is turned on. Most people might know this already but it’s worth mentioning.


How to connect Tuya smart life products to mobile app?

by Bilal Sheikh

How to connect Tuya smart life products to mobile app?

Looking forward to get your smart home automation system? But not familiar with how it will work and what will it cost? Well, if that is the case, you are at the right place. Omni Smart home automation provides you with the best smart home devices that you can configure on your own as well, though for convenience, we provide you with the electrician who can configure all your IOT home automation devices with your network and make it ready for you to use. How and when? Well, you will get to know about them completely in this blog. But before getting to know about the devices, it is really important to know about the connection you are going to use. Either you want wireless lighting control systems or you need smart motorized curtains? Or are you looking for the remote control door lock?

If you need your whole home to be automated, you will need a smart central hub. With which you will be able to connect all your smart life wifi smart home devices and then control them remotely. On other hand devices powered by Omni smart Home automation provides with home automation system in Lahore that requires no technical know-how or additional hardware. It simply connects wirelessly to your Wi-Fi connection at home making it simple to set up and even easier to use.

Zigbee smart home devices are used to automate the whole house. They are connected with the smart hub and that will connect all your devices and you can even group them into one single group. For instance if you have installed lights I different rooms you can group them all. Or you can also group the appliances that are connected with these. All the smart home devices can be operated with voice assistant; it can be Amazon Alexa, Google Home assistance or use Google Echo.  The app for smart phone which is smart Life app or on tablet gives you numerous options for control and settings. And thanks to the compatibility with voice assistants.

Connect, Control and Combine Tuya Devices

Smart home Automation installed and integrated by us provides you complete connection and control over your devices along with combining more than one device at a time. Use your connected phone to be in control of the electronics in your living room, your garden, your kitchen or even every place at once, where and whenever you want. Don’t you think it is amazing what we can do nowadays?


Whether you’re looking for a single smart bulb or you want to automate your entire home, we can help you make it happen through just one powerful app. Smart Life app which works with both hub and directly through your Wi-Fi. There are new products and possibilities added all the time.

Remember when you wish to turn on the lights, set scenes and automatically close the shutters when the sun starts to get bright or even receive notifications if the postman stops by.

Well, all of that is possible with the Iot Devices powered by Omni Smart home automation. You can connect products directly to your Wi-Fi without the use of a separate hub. After un-boxing your brand new smart item you can wireless through connect the product to your existing Wi-Fi network and you are good to go. The only thing you really need is your Wi-Fi password!

Each product either smart curtain, smart thermostat, all themselves are really smart enough to correspond directly with your router without the need of a hub, gateway or bridge. No need for an entire start-up kit, you can get going with just one product, the free app and from there you can start exploring your smart life.


Smart life controls life smartly with the voice command. The app gives access to control your IOT devices with Alexa or Google. Also, let you monitor them remotely. All you need is internet connection. It creates scenes for automated functionalities and to check and control each smart product individually. If you have working Internet connection on your phone, you can control all your installed products, no matter what location you are at. Forgot to switch off the Television?! No worries! switch it off wherever you are and feel secure again.
This also goes for the option of voice control. You can easily use a smart speaker at home, but Google Assistant on your smart phone can be just as useful – at home or anywhere else.

Combine/ Group them together:

Combine different Smart home devices products in scenarios and set schedules for advanced smart behavior. What happen is when you start with one device, you end up having your whole home automated. Well, that is the point when you need us. As with Omni smart home solutions, you can create a smart home while using just one powerful app, “Smart Life”. Feel free to combine different solutions; keep an eye on your loved ones and automatically open or close the shutters to control the temperature in the room, dim your lights automatically when you turn on the TV via a smart plug or simply turn on the lights when you enter a room thanks to a signal from a sensor.
Connect with smart Life App:

After installing your smart devices in your home and selecting the internet protocol, you have to configure it with the app so that your voice control device get the access to control your other smart home devices. For that you need to go to Google play store for androids and apple store if you have I phone. After installing the smart app bring it to your desktop. There you will see the icon visible. And follow the steps given below:

  1. Open App and there you will get to know multiple options of smart devices.
  2. First time you launch it, it will ask you to register.
  3. For registration all you have to do is to type your email address and agree to terms and conditions.
  4. After you click the continue option there will be verification code
  5. Then you set password and then you going to go ahead and complete the Family name.
  6. Click on add devices when you need to configure. Then you look at the device if that is blinking or not. If it’s blinking it means they are being configured.
how to pair smart life device

smart life pairing guide

More you can do with this App is that you can create schedules and scenes for your devices. Moreover, you can control your home device from anywhere using the SmartLife app. You can make things automatically happen depending on the time of day, available light, weather or sunshine.  Amazon Alexa and Google Home can be used to literally tell your devices what you want them to do for you


Best WiFi Smart LED Bulb Works with Amazon Alexa E27 Dimmable RGB LED for iOS Android App Control

by Bilal Sheikh

What Smart home light you must use to make your home automation project affordable?

Living in the 21st Century, you will come across smart home tech everywhere around you. From Smart tv to smart phones and now its smart lights. Just like other smart devices, these smart lights for home can be operate remotely from anywhere you want, all you will require is working internet connection and a smart phone. These are operated by smart life home automation application on android and apple IOS. You can control these smart lights with alexa as well. If you are thinking that this smart light system can only have lights that are operational with respect to app and remotely controlled or have voice commands feature, you are wrong. Since, these lights are not named smart because of ts operational system rather they are smart enough to change 16 million colors as per your requirements and regulate the intensity as well. So, you are open for options when it comes to selection of the best smart lights for Google home or for smart color lights that work with alexa

How do smart lights work?

Just like other smart devices for home automation, different lights work with different internet protocol. But the best thing about getting these wifi smart lights hub from Omni smart home automation is that you don’t have to go through struggle of installation and also you get the recommendation from our expert team about which light is best for your home. Smart lights motion sensors allow them to work with motion as well. Along with that you can use RGB lights for your studio or for work place as well. All the below mentioned lights work with IOT and with the central hub that connect all your smart devices. This makes it easy to access and to communicate with your home assistant. To get to know more you can spare 3 minutes to read working of smart lights.

E27 Dimmable Smart Bulb

Wifi Smart LED bult E27

Do Smart lights work with HUB OR HUB-LESS?

Before jumping on to the conclusion, it is best to know what internet you are using. Either you want the lights to work with the hub or just want to operate it with the Wi-Fi i-e hubless. This will make your research precise and its best if you already have something just as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or any smart speaker, or google home app on your mobile, you know you should get something that has compatability with Alexa or google home. On contrary to that, if you have already synchronized your compatible devices with the central hub, there is no reason not to go with the central hub. Since, that will most likely have its own mobile application. The one immense thing about hubless wifi smart bulbs is that most of them will actually work WITH a HUB, but it is not required because it does have an app.

How long do smart light last?

General perception about smart lights outdoor is that since they have sensor detect so they are really expensive and burn out really quick. Well, smart lights Amazon sell have variety of smart LED light bulbs which have different time span and which last up to 15,000 hours, though some can last up to 25,000 hours. This is best for smart light Philips hue smart have It depends on the manufacturer of the bulb and how often it is used. For Example, if a smart bulb with a lifespan 15,000 hours is used 5 hours a day, it can last roughly 8 years. Omni Smart wifi bulbs come with 1 year local warranty.

Do smart lights save money?

There is no doubt that Smart lights bulbs are generally more expensive than traditional LED bulbs and that is because they pack in other tech options. Omni Smart Home Automation provides you with the cost effective low cost prices of quality smart bulbs starter kit which may range from Rs1950 to over rupees 2450 on other smart home devices providers. A typical bulb with soft white light usually runs for about three hours per day, so if you have a light that you like to leave on, your smart bulb may burn out faster, but will still have a longer life than a normal bulb.For the ease of our clients, if you have to replace a lot of lights in a single room, a smart light switch may be a more economical option.

Looking at the other aspects like electricity, and longevity of having to replace color bulbs, Yes, multi color smart bulbs, and LED bulbs, in general, are very much worth the money. You will realize that you will save money on these bulbs in the long run of having them. Typical bulbs, although cheaper to buy, will have to be replaced many times over compared to a smart bulb. Smart bulbs will have a higher cost out of pocket up front but will last you years before they have to be replaced depending on usage.

Does color matter?

For the most part of smart lights that work with alexa, it does not matter in terms of lifespan if you get multi colors or not when choosing a smart bulb. Like, RGB lights are specifically designed to be able to switch from different colors, and are not just a one color bulb. Most of the bulbs that come in different colors, last just as long as the normal white smart bulb. That is basically working hours of roughly 20,000. Color bulbs work best in your studio for making the best effect or for clubs or they will be great configured in kids rooms, and living rooms where you can control the light by asking, “alexa turn off the brightness of lights “to have a dimmed color on one light or to give off a different glow. The price of a colored can be a little bit more in cost, but it not usually by much, and it will depend on if it is a single color or a multi-colored bulb.

Color Temperature

Google home mini can configure with any color temperature lights. if the color of the bulb is whit, it does not make it any less of the smart light. White bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures, ranging from a bluer white to a more reddish white.


  • 2700K: These bulbs are labeled “soft white” and will cast a gentle warm glow that’s good for the bedroom, as well as table and floor lamps.
  • 3000K: “Bright white” bulbs have a more neutral glow, being neither warm nor cool.
  • 4000K: of you are always confused with soft white and warm white bulb now you have a new choice Cool White LED bulb.
  • 5000K: Lights that are 5000K and higher will typically carry a “daylight” label and edge towards the bluer part of the spectrum. However, they best approximate actual sunlight.



Color ChoiceDescriptionExplaination
1,000KCandlelight Red/Yellow
1800KVintage-look Filament Lamp – OrangeUltra Warm
2400KLamp style used in hospitalityVery Warm
2700KConventional Halogen and LED Lamp – YellowWarm
3000K Warm White
4000KCFL and LED – WhiteCool White
6000KCool Daylight
10,000KBlue Sky – Blue


If you are still confused about adopting smart home technology for your complete home, smart lighting is a good starting point. Replace few bulbs or down-lights and see how it fits in your smart lifestyle.