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Best price cctv AHD & IP camera Lahore

by junaid

Best price cctv camera installation, Ip Camera or Turbo HD cctv what works best in Lahore.

With rise in security and surveillance issue in Lahore, home security cameras are increasingly becoming important. Once you sit down to choose the cctv camera brand and cctv equipment it becomes more confusing. From fancy brand names like Hikvision and Dahua, you will have a million options for ip cctv and ahd cctv systems. What will work for you is a serious question as Price of CCTV system changes considerably once you start wishing for fancy features like face recognition cctv camera and number plate recognizing cctv camera.

Most affordable CCTV equipment and security DVRs and Ip NVR available in Lahore are usually waste of money at some time in near future. Not commenting for everyone, but since there is no easy way to verify the number of mega pixels in a  camera by a lay man it is usually just a number on the camera stickers to sell.

What to look for in a CCTV Camera?

At the moment there are 3 type of camera system available in Lahore CCTV market,

  1. AHD (generic Open Source cctv technology)

  2. Turbo HD (Hikvision Proprietary cctv technology)

  3. ONVIF IP Camera (Open source IP (internet protocol cctv camera)

CCTV Retailer and CCTV installer usually have no technical idea of actual lens’s properties. AHD is most widely sold cctv system in Lahore. CCTV dealer will rely most on the picture quality of the camera to judge if it is a good or bad cctv camera. It will just be on your choice, which camera result you like. Picture quality of cctv cameras is highly dependable on the time of day and actual available light source. A cctv camera that looked good at shop with show room lighting available, it might not work for you once it is installed outside for night vision purpose. CCTV camera come in all sizes from bullet AHD Camera, Dome AHD cctv camera & Hidden camera.

Don’t get confused with OEM CCTV brands and big Mega pixel cctv numbers printed on them. For a normal house in Lahore a 1.3 mega pixal cctv bullet camera is good enough. If you can afford go for Hikvision for best quality for day and night. Omni CCTV is a best cctv camera if you wish to go for OEM brand CCTV system in Lahore.

If area is bigger then 1 kanal we always suggest to choose Ip camera cctv system. As AHD cctv & turbo HD will have issue if distance from DVR is long.

What to look for in a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (network Video Recorder)?

If you are going to choose analog cctv system. You will have to choose Hikvision turbo HD DVR in case u go for Hikvision turbo hd camera system. For Affordable AHD system in Lahore you can choose OMNI DVR system for long term reliable AHD cctv system.

Both options are available in case you go for Ip cctv system and DVR is replaced with network video recorder. DVR and NVR work the same only difference is connectivity with the CCTV camera, analog camera system is connected via coaxial cable and ip camera system is connected via CAT 6 cable.


Home security cameras should be dependable. A home security and surveillance system should have video backup recording when u need it. It should have clear picture quality day or night time. Night vision camera capability is what make it a good cctv camera system. Hikvision and Omni cctv camera both have good all-around result during day and low light night vision.


Timer switch, smart switch and time control light switch

by junaid

Timer switch, smart switch and time control light switch. 3 ways you can use them in Home Automation Pakistan.

Timer switch can be effectively used to save electricity if you have a habit of forgetting to switch off lights and electrical appliances. Light switch timer is designed to replace your existing conventional light switches, without the need of any additional wiring—you just remove your existing switch and install the timer switch in the same electrical fitting. Along with convince it also has added feature of surge protection and fire resistant. Time control light switch can allow lighting to switch on and off automatically at pre-programed times or according to the time of day. Light on off timer can be adjusted to automatically carry out the schedule for unattended operation.

Programmable Timer Switch

Smart program timer switch

Timing light can give an impression as if someone is home while you are enjoying your vacation. Programmable electrical switches & smart home plugs are now available with WIFI connectivity to control appliances remotely on your mobile through android and apple mobile phones.

Below are few Home Automation scenarios in which smart plug can be used to carry out simple daily routines to save time and energy in Smart Home.

  • Smart electrical Switch

We are all stuck in the transition phase from our traditional homes into scenarios of home automation. Smart plug is the easiest way to convert existing appliances into smart remotely controllable devices. Settings can be done in mobile application to turn on and off the devices at preset time. No more forgetting with best low-cost smart plugs available in Pakistan.

  • Electric Water Pump Timer.

No one likes wasting water and so is the electricity with continuous running water pump motor. Now you can remotely control the water pumps with smart wireless socket to ensure water and energy saving. Programmable socket can manage timing scenario to automatically switch on and off the pump. Current status is synced with the app to check if action is required. It can be used for Industrial Automation to manage production lines in factories for time saving. Unlimited options are available to trigger switch based on weather and other home automation sensors available at OMNI cloud solutions.

  • Restaurant Scenario Lighting.

Time control light switch is an easy and effective way to manage your restaurant lighting in Pakistan. It can either be used to as a simple timer for lighting control. It can be used as dimmer timer switch for lights so that depending on the time of day the customer gets the same lighting level and a present experience with restaurant lights. Light switch timer switch can be used with other omni smart Home wifi products to create a smart scene. WIFI lighting solutions are easy to implement as no additional wiring is needed.

Above are just a few examples how Home automation devices & system can be used to make life easy in Smart Home Construction in Pakistan.



Home Automation?  Affordable Dream for Pakistan in 2019

by junaid

Home Automation?  Affordable Dream for Pakistan in 2019

Gone are the day of Plc automation (programmable logic controller), where engineers had to write codes day in, day out to accomplish a simple remote on/off task.

2019 is the year of smart home devices as IOT (Internet of things) is creeping in our household, creating a system of connected devices to ease our life, saving time and energy in return. Zigbee/ Wifi home automation system for smart doors locks, smart RGB lighting control, and smart smart electrical switches & sockets have become smart & intelligent giving us the option to effortlessly operate them from a smart phone, keypad, or touch control panels.

It is now possible to Answer door from anywhere in the world through your mobile app and unlock the door for guest.  Adjust your thermostat for your water heater, get real-time updates on smart smoke detector and carbon monoxide levels. Even if you are not interested in the Advance home automation you may soon be pres

Home Automation Pakistan

Home Automation Pakistan

sing a single button to switch your lighting scenario and close motorized curtains shades to create ambiance for entertainment and living area. Smart home technology adds convenience, comfort, and value to your property.  All such Smart home system & devices are available for new construction and existing home renovation.

All top line architects like Mazhar Munir, Galleria Design, Faisal Rasool are going for home automation project. It may sound like a luxury to have smart house at the moment, but just like smart phones, latest technologies in automation and reduction in cost Home Automation is going to be widely used in Pakistani Home construction project starting 2019.



This 2500 Rupee Affordable Smart power socket can get you started for Smart Home in Pakistan.

by junaid

This 2500 Rupee Affordable Smart power socket can get you started for Smart Home in Pakistan.

Smart home solutions are picking up in Pakistan, many brands are coming up with devices that offer to help you save time, electricity and for better home security, and offer to make your living more comfortable. The idea is very good, but the cost factor of replacing your old appliance with new smart home devices is the key deciding factor. Omni Smart Home Socket In fact, can make your entire home smarter, or at least help you control them with a remote mobile app in a cost effectively and easily to do way.

What is the magic? It’s a smart electrical plug, and it can convert the way you operate your existing devices and appliances in your home. If you’re new to the idea of smart home technology, or you can only afford a few smart home products, smart plugs are a great way to get the feel of Home Automation, being inexpensive (you can find some for as little as 2500rs on Daraz). Also, most brands work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit. Here’s everything you need to know about smart plugs in Pakistan.wifi smart socket

Do I Need Smart Hub ?

No! Smart hub is not needed for wifi smart socket. It connects to your existing wifi. No extra setting is required for it to work remotely on your mobile. It is a Simple do it yourself (DIY) process.

Can I create schedules?

Yes! Scheduled on/off is one of the most basic tasks a smart socket can do.  Not only it is pre scheduled in your mobile app. It can also be triggered according to sun rise, sunset and weather conditions.

Work with other smart Home Devices/ products?

Yes, it can be easy configured to work with, smart electrical fittings and smart home sensors to trigger a scenario as per your need.

Monitor Energy Usage.

Effectively measure, daily weekly and monthly usage of your smart connected device. It helps to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. Few quick usage recommendations is connecting to electric water heater and home water pressure pumps to only turn on during the time of the day it is required.

Smart Socket Works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant & IFTTT.

It works with all popular voice and home automation assistant to give u state of the art home automation experience. Just talk to your voice assistant and get it done.

Over-load & protection & Fire protection.

The pick of the functions for Pakistan market is that it has over voltage protection. Material is fire resistant and best to use with all type of electrical appliance including AC and Water geysers. Currant voltage and amp used can be monitored.

Remote control Socket on Mobile App Android and Apple.

Wifi smart socket app can be used to operate the socket from anywhere in the world on Android and Apple Os. Real time status is synced on app so you can see current status of the appliance connected.

smart socket

Smart Socket

Smart Socket Specification

  • 16 million color, 8 scene modes RGB LED
  • Color, brightness, color temperature adjusted
  • Energy monitoring, daily weekly and monthly graph.
  • Remote control on App
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home Assistant & IFTTT
  • Manually switch on/off
  • Remote Switch on/off
  • Timer function scheduled/countdown/loop timers
  • Mini and portable size
  • Over-load protection
  • Fire Resistant
  • Device share with family
  • Working with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Google Nest
  • 16 Amp Power load to work with all type of AC and Home Appliances.

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