Infrared Forehead Thermometer

FDA approved infrared thermometer forehead gun is measuring instrument. It looks similar to laser thermometer that can be used in all types of environments. Digital thermometer facilitates the two temperature measurement modes and indicates a fever with the alarms. The size of its lcd display is ideal with the features of clear display and high brightness and is easy to read the accurate reading for health personal care.

Infrared thermometer specification



Certification: CE/FDA
Material: ABS
Power Supply: 2 x AAA Battery(Not included)
Packaging size: (L)X(W)X(H) 195x115x53(mm)
Display precise digits: 0.2?
Relative humidity: ?80%
Color: white-blue
Human body temperature measurement mode: 32.0? – 42.5? (89°F-109.22°F)
Measuring position: forehead center
Auto power off: about 15 seconds
Weight: 250g/pcs

Device set degrees Celsius as default, please follow the instruction to set to Fahrenheit degree manually.

Uses a high-precision infrared sensor.
Strong adaptability to ambient temperature, automatically record and save measurement results.
Large-size LED LCD screen, high brightness backlight, clear and gentle display.
Choose two temperature units of Celsius and Fahrenheit, automatic shutdown to save power and energy.
Non –Contact and with a high accuracy of measurement
Two kinds of measurement mode election:body temperature and surface temperature
Capable of storing 32 sets for the latest measurement data
Providing the function of saving the data and auto turn off
Backlight LCD digital display

Package Included:
1 x Forehead Infrared Thermometer

It is better to take precautions and use the high precision infrared sensor with stable and reliable performance. With rechargeable batteries and strong adaptability to ambient temperature this thermometer also endure a new propriety probe structure so that you get accurate measurements by keeping 3-5cm distance from the forehead.

    How Does Thermometer Work?

    infrared thermometer
    infrared thermometer
    infrared thermometer

    Step 1

    Select Body or Object mode, hold the infrared sensor above your subject, and hold down the button.

    Step 2

    In less than a second, the digital display will bring up the temperature reading, accurate to 0.4°F (0.2°C) with a matching color code.

    Step 3

    Wait and repeat. Store up to 64 temperature readings so you can track the progress of your child’s fever.

    Infrared thermometer wholesale price Rs 1250/-

    Why Infrared Forehead Thermometer?

    Why need Infrared Thermometer?

    Non Contact Infrared thermometer gives measurement in milli-seconds unlike mercury thermometer. If your baby is mischievous then mercury thermometer is not going to stay for long. That’s the reason why you need infrared thermometer that provides you accurate measurement within short time and without contact.
    Smart three color backlight reminder:
    From normal to mild and hyperpyrexia three background colors on LCD are indicators themselves. They inform you the temperature before the reading is displayed on the screen. Green light is for normal, orange is for mild temperature and red is for high temperature indicator.
    Rechargeable battery:
    It has rechargeable lithium batteries that can last stand up to 7 days. To save battery for longer it will automatic shutdown after 15 minutes for power saving mode. One click automatic on for measurement.

    infrared thermometer