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Smart wifi PIR Motion Sensor

by Bilal Sheikh

5 uses of smart wifi PIR motion sensor

You must be familiar with the term IR, I-e infrared. The IR sensors are the sensors which throws, infrared rays to detect the warm body around the fence of detection. These infrared rays are used in motion sensors to detect the motion. As the body enters the radar, it provides signal to the sensor and convert it into electronic signals that help in detection of the body around. These motion IR sensors have its limitations. There is when the PIR sensor plays it role. PIR sensors can be referred as Passive Infrared sensors. This suggests that the sensor in it is not actively involved in the process. You must be wondering:

How sensors can detect without being involved in it?

How do you get to know if it is working or not?

If it is best, where can you use these PIR sensors in your setup?

Well, all your questions will be answered here with Omni smart home automation as we know how technology works and what benefits these smart PIR sensors can facilitate us in the setting up of offices, homes or in studios.

Working of smart Wi-Fi PIR sensor:

Smart PIR sensor is quite intelligent and stays passive so that the body does not get to know if there is any camera or sensor detecting. It does not emit IR signals itself rather works more as a detector that detects infrared radiations coming from human body in the surrounding area.  You must be wondering why not motion sensors?

Motion sensors detect the object with the use of infrared rays while PIR sensor is smart and does not emit IR, they are more complicated than the other sensors as they consists of two slots. Both slots are manufactured with the special material that is sensitive to IR. The Fresnel lens is used to see that the two slots of the PIR can see out past some distance. When the sensor is inactive, then the two slots sense the same amount of IR. The ambient amount radiates from the outdoors, walls or room etc.

smart PIR motion Sensor

Wireless smart motion sensor

Applications of PIR sensor:

Knowing the fact that PIR sensors detect the motion without IR, there are multiple applications that can be used to improve energy efficiency, convenience and safety but without the high additional cost. Here are some of the applications in which you can use your PIR sensors effectively:

  1. Automatic Door opening system:

Motion sensors are used to detect the motion and alert you with the movement. With smart outdoor PIR sensor, you can project opening and closing of doors in the places where you know person is in front of the door.  It can be understood as in hotels; shopping malls, theaters etc, and this sensor sense the presence of human body and send pulses to the 8051 micro controller, this micro controller then controls the motor driver by sending suitable pulses to its input. That will put the door in motion. Similarly, if you have automated your setup with smart Wi-Fi lock, you will not only get notification for the opening of your smart lock rather you will be informed with the number of person who entered in your home/office. They work best in the places where you know there are fewer pets/ animals and more human beings so that the thermal detection of the body is accurate.

  1. For garden lights:

Have you wondered that when you enter a hall way, sudden gloom darkness turns into the lights, how?

Well, for that magic trick, you need to integrate smart lights on your hallway and just configure them with your smart PIR sensor. They will detect the motion of a person coming and will turn on the lights automatically is someone enters. Similarly, you can integrate your garden lights with the PIR sensors; they will turn on as soon as you get in your home. Omni smart home solutions is best in installing and integrating more than one system simultaneously as that helps keeping your whole setup connected. With the Zigbee hub, you can manage your security system with the garden lights. If someone comes near the fence, your garden lights will automatically turn on. Or you can set your Alarms as well; your PIR sensor will activate your alarm automatically to make you cautious of danger prior.

  1. Common stair cases:

It is not necessary that you need to have proper setup and great investment to install PIR sensor. Rather, if you don’t want to invest in your hub, you can install smart PIR sensor in your stair cases which can be configured with your IOT. As soon someone starts climbing stairs, you will be aware. Similarly, common stair cases can have smart lights or strip lights involved which starts blinking as soon someone steps on it.

To make it more fancy, you can use RGB Color strip lights that will turn on the moment body will be detected.

  1. Security alarms based on PIR sensors:

The smart outdoor PIR sensor is usually the first choice for home security systems, as its ability to sense warm, moving objects such as people walking into a room is coupled with simplicity and cost effectiveness. In your home, office or any studio setup, all you need is to integrate with the alarm system and it will generate a siren. This sensor senses the infrared radiation which is emitted from the humans and then gives a digital output. This digital output is applied to the UM3561 IC. Thus, it generates the sound when any human body is detected. The UM3561 IC is a ROM IC that generates multi siren tones such as fire engine sirens, ambulance sirens, machine gun sound and police sirens.

  1. For basement and parking lots:

Smart Wi-Fi PIR motion sensors are not only for the houses and your offices, but you can also use them for your parking areas, garage and for the basement. Even also for the child’s room. You will get to know if your kid tries to get away from the room. You will get alert and similarly in garages and in parking lots you will be notified with the bodies coming towards your cars and automobile.