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Buy Video door bell with WIFI in Pakistan

by Bilal Sheikh

Video door bell with wifi in Pakistan

Video Door Bell which is a smart video recording digital door bell that lets you to never miss a visitor at your door wherever you are in the world. Every doorbell has a HD security camera with night vision, PIR and smart motion detection. It can be set to trigger an alert to your smartphone whenever a visitor comes close to the doorbell or enters your driveway.

You may choose to have 2 way audio or video conversation with your visitor. Even if the visitor dose not ring the door bell you will still receive the notification on your mobile depending o


n your choice of time. Wifi Video door bell can be used to connect and trigger other smart home device in like a smart sensor or a RGB smart bulb to indicate someone has approached the door bell.

Doorbell cameras dose not require any additional wiring for power or data connection. Smart doorbell is battery powered and battery last up-to 6 months with latest technology of low power consumption. It is very easy to install and any one can do DIY door bell. Once installed Answer the front door from anywhere and have live video of your home in HD 1080p video quality with Ring Video Doorbell.

There are no monthly or annual subscription fee. Video feed is encrypted and stored using 32GB of storage on the device itself or you can buy addition cloud storage. you can view recorded video any time on your mobile device from anywhere in the world. Power your Video Doorbell with its built in rechargeable battery, or connect it to your existing doorbell wiring for a non-stop charge.

Security Door bell has a home security camera that lets owner see live video feed who’s at their door step through the Tuya / smart life devices App, with motion sensors that monitor close movements and sounds. It has a built-in mic for talking between guests and owner.

A lot of homeowners start to install smart home devices in their houses with smart home wifi door bell camera


1080HD video with live view.

Battery Operated

Motion-activated alerts.

Two-way talk.

Advanced motion detection.

Non-stop power.

Real-time alerts.

Connect indoor Chime to all your devices to extend your Wi-Fi and hear alerts in any room of your home.

Wi-Fi connectivity.2.4

Makes it easy to link with your home wireless network.

Night vision . Infrared LEDs allow you to view and record footage, even in low light.