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Smart home Living Model For Pakistan

Driven by team of highly technical personal we wish to easy your living with style.

Home Automation Projects.

Imagine a house talking to you, from waking you up in the morning with your favorite radio station, rolling smart curtains back, switching on Tv for news and opening magnetic electronic backdoor locks for pets– all without you doing a thing or saying a command.

We Let the Home Automation work for you, it arms your home security system and switch off unnecessary power points when everyone leaves the house, notifies you of movement and lets you watch your HD CCTV cameras from anywhere on your smartphone.

Imagine a home that turns on the air conditioning when you are approaching home or office, slides open your Electronic home garage door as your car reaches, and turns on the smart lights and music welcoming you home.  Such a Home is no dream anymore, it is a affordable smart home in Pakistan

Building a new home or renovating a old home. We can easily integrate smart home automation features in Pakistan, without any extra cost to your construction plan of new home or home renovation. Our System dose not require any special electrical wiring to convert it to google home assistant based smart home

Building Services & Consumer Electronics

All Our products with easy configuration and support, with 1 year warranty and hardware replacement warranty for all smart home automation products and electrical automation devices.