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RGB Lights for room the Latest Trend in Smart living and Home Lighting.

Omni Smart Home LIghting Company has complete range of RGB light bulbs, rgb light strip and other smart life compatible devices like smart plug and Smart IR remote controller that work with alexa and google.
What Dose RGB Stands for in LED Lights ?

RED, GREEN, BLUE it combines Red LED, Blue LED and Green Leds.

There are new type of RGB that includes more variants for led light bulb or led strip lights . It can BE RGBW or RGBWW or RGBCCT.

RGBW means RED, GREEN, BLUE and white light for possibility of 16 million colour combinations. RGBWW mean red,blue, green and warm white led. CCT option means that white colour can be tuned for LED strips or smart light bulbs, allowing user to change RGB Strip by RGB controller or wifi mobile app like tuya smart life and home assistant like google assistant & Alexa

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