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With the fast-pace world where we came across exploding innovations in the Internet of things, day by day, different operating system like Microsoft, iOS, Macintosh, Android have created automated system. To make life easier and accessible for everyone from health to other concern departments, major inventions are being formulated. Turning your appliances into smart appliances is another milestone IOT has achieved so far. With the installation of all these smart appliances, you can turn your home into smart home which is what we also refer as home automation.
Home automation, brought to you by Omni cloud solutions comprises of all the smart electrical fitting, sensor and convenience. Considering all the standards of technology and making the product standby in market, Omni smart Home has integrated 5th generation Smart Home Automation Solution no special wiring needed. The best part about the installation of these smart home automation is that you don’t have to buy a building or make it bug free. rather this smart system can be integrated in existing electrical wiring as well.
Smart home automation basically involves all the kinds of electric appliances, your refrigerator, your television, Light bulbs, thermostat, any electrical appliance you want to be operated without you being touching to it. Here comes your query part, when you start pondering on how you’ll going to make it work for you. Omni Home Automation provides you complete guide of the smart system that is needed to be equipped. It does not necessarily require to install all the equipment at once, you can look for the specifications of each device and its electrical unit and then ask for integration.
Home automation has been made easier with Omni Smart Home. All you require is working internet connection and app powered by them. As omnicloudsolutions.com not only provides you with the equipment and devices but also make sure you install right socket for the right appliance. Along with that, affordability comes simultaneously.

  • Touch control Wall Sockets

  • Touch wall-type central control

  • Smart Home Scene control

  • Automate Smart Home timer control

  • Apple ios/android Smart Home apps control

  • Control ON/OFF and dimmer All lights, Electrical Switch and Sockets Separate and as a group

  • Control Existing TV,DVD,AC,water with Infrared Smart Home Controller.

  • Automate Home electric curtain.

  • Automate Window Open Close.

  • Door & Window Open Sensor.

  • Fingerprint main door lock.

  • Gas Controller.

  • Multi Room music AV system.

  • Smart Home Remote Alarm.

  • Smoke Smart Home Sensor.

  • Fire Smart Home Sensor.

  • Water Leak Smart Home Sensor.

  • Wireless SOS Switch.

  • Pressure Pump Smart Controller.

  • Water Motor Smart Controller