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Best price cctv AHD & IP camera Lahore

Best price cctv camera installation, Ip Camera or Turbo HD cctv

Best price cctv camera installation, Ip Camera or Turbo HD cctv what works best in Lahore.

With rise in security and surveillance issue in Lahore, home security cameras are increasingly becoming important. Once you sit down to choose the cctv camera brand and cctv equipment it becomes more confusing. From fancy brand names like Hikvision and Dahua, you will have a million options for ip cctv and ahd cctv systems. What will work for you is a serious question as Price of CCTV system changes considerably once you start wishing for fancy features like face recognition cctv camera and number plate recognizing cctv camera.

Most affordable CCTV equipment and security DVRs and Ip NVR available in Lahore are usually waste of money at some time in near future. Not commenting for everyone, but since there is no easy way to verify the number of mega pixels in a  camera by a lay man it is usually just a number on the camera stickers to sell.

What to look for in a CCTV Camera?

At the moment there are 3 type of camera system available in Lahore CCTV market,

  1. AHD (generic Open Source cctv technology)

  2. Turbo HD (Hikvision Proprietary cctv technology)

  3. ONVIF IP Camera (Open source IP (internet protocol cctv camera)

CCTV Retailer and CCTV installer usually have no technical idea of actual lens’s properties. AHD is most widely sold cctv system in Lahore. CCTV dealer will rely most on the picture quality of the camera to judge if it is a good or bad cctv camera. It will just be on your choice, which camera result you like. Picture quality of cctv cameras is highly dependable on the time of day and actual available light source. A cctv camera that looked good at shop with show room lighting available, it might not work for you once it is installed outside for night vision purpose. CCTV camera come in all sizes from bullet AHD Camera, Dome AHD cctv camera & Hidden camera.

Don’t get confused with OEM CCTV brands and big Mega pixel cctv numbers printed on them. For a normal house in Lahore a 1.3 mega pixal cctv bullet camera is good enough. If you can afford go for Hikvision for best quality for day and night. Omni CCTV is a best cctv camera if you wish to go for OEM brand CCTV system in Lahore.

If area is bigger then 1 kanal we always suggest to choose Ip camera cctv system. As AHD cctv & turbo HD will have issue if distance from DVR is long.

What to look for in a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or NVR (network Video Recorder)?

If you are going to choose analog cctv system. You will have to choose Hikvision turbo HD DVR in case u go for Hikvision turbo hd camera system. For Affordable AHD system in Lahore you can choose OMNI DVR system for long term reliable AHD cctv system.

Both options are available in case you go for Ip cctv system and DVR is replaced with network video recorder. DVR and NVR work the same only difference is connectivity with the CCTV camera, analog camera system is connected via coaxial cable and ip camera system is connected via CAT 6 cable.


Home security cameras should be dependable. A home security and surveillance system should have video backup recording when u need it. It should have clear picture quality day or night time. Night vision camera capability is what make it a good cctv camera system. Hikvision and Omni cctv camera both have good all-around result during day and low light night vision.

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