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Top 10 ideas to use smart life devices (tuya) for Smart home.

by Bilal Sheikh

Top 10 ideas to use smart life devices (tuya) for Smart home.

Are you confused because there are a lot of smart home devices and as many companies who provide you with the wide range of these products? Well, we all are at first but there is no rocket science in getting to know these devices. Here in this blog you will be made clear about the ideas that can be pursued for your smart home automation. Here I will mention 15 smart home devices that you can use to automate your home starting off with your day till you get into your bed.

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complete wifi smart life tuya devices



1.      Smart Led Bulb and its function:

Smart Led bulb can be configured with Amazon echo, Alexa or your smart home Google app. Every Morning at 7 am when a light next to your bed slowly turning on into cool white in 30 minutes into full brightness. It makes you wake up comfortably from your bed when it’s the right time. For this automation you can use smart Google home app . From your app you can choose which lights you want to wake you up, how long to turn on for, and what brightness. That way it is much more comfortable to wake up and feel energized by the cool white temperature to white.

2.      Set up your Routine:

Well, you can schedule your routine for rest of your day from waking up time to sleep time through features including in Amazon Alexa. For this purpose, you will need an Echo or an Echo Dot. To create a routine in the Alexa app just click on Routines in the left slide out menu.


Authorized Smart life devices pairing

Configuring Smart Life Devices in Pakistan Step 1

Select “When this happens” and choose “Schedule” to have it happen at the same time every day.  It can be 7:20; 7:30 am whatever you want to start your smart plug up. Also the processor says Good morning, with the best greeting you want it to say to you. And tells you if the weather nice, or if it is rainy or cloudy. you can connect all smart life/ tuya devices from authorized re-seller in Pakistan to work together for a automation scenario.


Smart life configuration for devices in Pakistan

Smart life configuration part 2

3.     Motion sensor Configuration with work routine

You might have observed that by standing in corridor lights get on and when you leave the corridors they turn off automatically. So, using the same technology of motion detector we came up with the idea to set up routine of work and do multitasking at the same time. So, when you walk into the office to answer to your emails, motion sensor triggers the routine to have your calendar items and news read to you. That way you can get some of your multitasking done while working on computer.  For this you would need an Echo, Smart Things hub, and a motion sensor. It integrates very well into Alexa Routines and Google Home Assistant

4.     In a Rush and Want your Bathroom free?

When everyone is going to get ready in the morning and you might be waiting for someone to be done with the bathroom, have a smart light change colors when the bathroom is occupied. Well, for this idea of automation, you will need a contact sensor and a smart bulb. You could use any smart light that is IFTTT compatible though. Use IFTTT and say if the contact sensor is closed then turn on and change the color of the light. If the contact sensor opens, then turn the light back to white. To have the light that changed color goes back to normal you can use IFTTT to have it only run at certain times.

5.      Music and smart speakers:

While coming home from dropping of the kids at school, if you are home alone, your home music will automatically be playing. On contrary to this, if wife and baby are home, it won’t play music especially if the baby is asleep. For this one I you can use webCoRE in SmartThings. For most of the smart things we have used Alexa routines but since If you want to only play the music preferably webCoRE is recommended. If you want music to play any time you come home then just use your phone arriving home as the trigger for the Alexa Routine and have the action play music.

6.      Temperature control sensors:

Having the Ac not run as much as saves a lot of money. However, controls the air temperature by turning a fan off and on could be annoying. The smart thing motion sensor has a temperature sensor built-in that can automatically turn on the fan if it starts getting hot and turn off the fan after it cools down the room.

7.      Door bell Camera:

Among many diy systems, we have managed to make this smart home security system for your home that is doorbell camera with light synchronized. In this idea of smart home automation, Door bell video shown automatically. For this, connect a Ring doorbell to the brilliant light switch and it will automatically show the live video feed from Ring on the Brilliant screen. Once you connect them it just works so that’s pretty awesome.

8.      Smart lock and vacuum cleaner for air:

If the door lock is open, it will automatically lock and the robot vacuum will start cleaning automatically. This automated system requires connection and configuration of your smart lock and your vacuum cleaner. As soon as the door gets lock, the vacuum will start cleaning so that before coming home, you don’t feel like dust in the air.

9.      Water leak and Smoke sensors:

Water leak sensor will notify you when there is leak. So, it is must in your home if you have decided to professionally installed the smart home system. You will get the notification of small things that you usually ignore before they exceed the limit when it can explode. Water leak sensors and smoke sensors which are also known as CO gas sensor detect the gas leakage and will give command to your vacuum cleaner to evacuate the dust in air. For this purpose, you need to have a Google nest hub or any other smart home hub installed so that all your devices could be configured at one central point.

10.  Smart Thermostat:

You can use Google nest hub for this purpose as it makes it pretty easy to set to away mode. In the main home menu of the Nest app click on the little gear or cog in the top right. You can select “Home/Away Assist” to select your phone as a device that will set your system into away mode. To make your air not run while you are gone, go back to the main home screen in the Nest app and select your thermostat. Click on the settings (top right gear or cog button) and make sure “Home/Away Assist” is turned on. Most people might know this already but it’s worth mentioning.


Smart home automation – How- What is – guide for 2019

by Bilal Sheikh

Smart home automation – Complete guide for 2019

If you have been curious about turning your home into a smart home but felt overwhelmed by the amount of solutions there or don’t even know from where to begin. This is the blog for you.

When looking to turn your home into a smart home. You are just inundated with the choice. Maybe with too much choice. But in general there are actually two routes where you can go when trying to go about creating a smart home.

First one is by buying a bunch of devices from different manufacturers and connect them all to a common platform like google home or alexa or Siri/Home assistant. OR there are other companies out there who make home automation platforms and have regional installers that will come out and install and integrated solution for you. So, which one should you choose for your home.

Factors to keep in mind:

Largely it depends on how much automation are you willing to do in your home. Second, how much are you willing to spend on automation and finally how easy to install and comfortable are you at setting up your smart home automation system by yourself. Now companies like Omni smart home solutions will come and install everything at your home or you can use and integrator to do it. The solutions provided by them are widely in how their user interfaces are designed and the third part platform they can work with. Now thankfully things have been getting better recently but still a lot of competition have been coming at these companies from larger tech companies like google and Amazon.

If you look at google’s newly rebranded google nest page, its obvious that Google nest is making a play to customers who want the type of whole home solutions that the traditional smart home companies provide. And today, its not just the luxury home automation companies offering in-home consultation and installation services for smart home devices. More mainstream companies are getting into the space like They come out to your home and do a consultation for free and then they also offer paid installation services as well.

1.      Select Home automation Platform

The first part of setting up one of these systems in smart home 2019 is choosing which core platform to go with that all of your support devices talk to. And this platform will be the central point of control for all of your smart controlled devices like video doorbell and smart plug . The major mainstream platform you can choose from, out there are amazon, alexa devices, google assistant and apple homekit voice command controlled devices or apple’s home kit enable devices. Once you decide which core platform you’ll use to run your smart home, now its time to talk about devices that actually makes your home smart home.

Typically you can put these smart home devices into smart home systems several main categories including, Music, media, lighting, climate, security and appliances/accessories.

2.      Smart Audio system

First lets take a look at music as whole home audio. This functionality allows you to play different music in different parts of your home. Now typically through voice assistant. You have various options here. Amazon, Google and Apple, all make their own speaker that can natively play music from various streaming services. However, do know that apple pod can only stream music from only apple music or your iTunes library. There are also third party smart speaker like google home mini and systems you can buy from companies.

3.      Smart Media room

Next look at controlling your media rooms with your smart homes. Typically this involves controlling your TV and speakers and lighting flawlessly in your media room. Will get to lighting in just a sec right now the best integration with your consumer’s company either come from amazon or google. They both sell devices that can control your TV, Turn it on and off with an assistant as well as deliver content from all the major streaming services you would expect and relatively affordable only costing between 30-70$. Google chromcast in particular is pretty powerful thanks to its casting feature, you can cast media into android, iPhone or any chrome browser over Wi-Fi to your chrome cast enabled devices. Which makes it easy to cast media from phone to your TV, pause and then cast the media to your bedroom TV. Google’s newer version of the chromcast devices can also turn on and off your TV and your receiver and other devices connected to your receiver through a technology called HDMICE. Amazon also has this feature as well.

4.      Smart lighting

The third category is lighting. The smart lighting that is mostly used and work with voice recognition is light bulbs Phillips hue, GE, lifx, Ikea and eufy. These smart light makers make LED bulbs that are typically in three categories. 1. White bulbs that goes from day light to warm light hues or multi color bulbs. Smart bulbs typically connect either through Bluetooth or through Wi-Fi. Now, Smart lights save you a lot of time and steps in your house. You can turn on all of your light at night with just using your voice. You can make sure you turn them off while you are away from home using your smart phone app or smart assistant through your phone.

Smart Touch Wireless electrical Switches

Smart Touch Wireless electrical Switches

Typically you can create routines with them. So you can wake up with your lights on with sunset colors and they can even set Geo-fencing with your smart lights so that they can automatically turn on when you arrive home and turn off when you leave. You can get other accessories with your smart lights as well like smart switches. You can control lights with smart switches and dimmer switches as well.

5.      Smart Climate control

Third category is climate control and here mainly we’ll be talking about smart thermostats and detectors. With these thermostats you can look for smart home convenience as they will manage the minute details in your home that you might not even notice till its alarming situation. For that matter of fact, you will get the best ones connected through your central hub which will not only keep you alarmed but also react to neutralize it. Last would be the smart home security systems that you will be looking at when going for smart home automation in 2019.Complete guide related to security camera with voice control and easy integration is being provided with the best choice of night vision CCTV camera and starter kits.


Best WiFi Smart LED Bulb Works with Amazon Alexa E27 Dimmable RGB LED for iOS Android App Control

by Bilal Sheikh

What Smart home light you must use to make your home automation project affordable?

Living in the 21st Century, you will come across smart home tech everywhere around you. From Smart tv to smart phones and now its smart lights. Just like other smart devices, these smart lights for home can be operate remotely from anywhere you want, all you will require is working internet connection and a smart phone. These are operated by smart life home automation application on android and apple IOS. You can control these smart lights with alexa as well. If you are thinking that this smart light system can only have lights that are operational with respect to app and remotely controlled or have voice commands feature, you are wrong. Since, these lights are not named smart because of ts operational system rather they are smart enough to change 16 million colors as per your requirements and regulate the intensity as well. So, you are open for options when it comes to selection of the best smart lights for Google home or for smart color lights that work with alexa

How do smart lights work?

Just like other smart devices for home automation, different lights work with different internet protocol. But the best thing about getting these wifi smart lights hub from Omni smart home automation is that you don’t have to go through struggle of installation and also you get the recommendation from our expert team about which light is best for your home. Smart lights motion sensors allow them to work with motion as well. Along with that you can use RGB lights for your studio or for work place as well. All the below mentioned lights work with IOT and with the central hub that connect all your smart devices. This makes it easy to access and to communicate with your home assistant. To get to know more you can spare 3 minutes to read working of smart lights.

E27 Dimmable Smart Bulb

Wifi Smart LED bult E27

Do Smart lights work with HUB OR HUB-LESS?

Before jumping on to the conclusion, it is best to know what internet you are using. Either you want the lights to work with the hub or just want to operate it with the Wi-Fi i-e hubless. This will make your research precise and its best if you already have something just as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or any smart speaker, or google home app on your mobile, you know you should get something that has compatability with Alexa or google home. On contrary to that, if you have already synchronized your compatible devices with the central hub, there is no reason not to go with the central hub. Since, that will most likely have its own mobile application. The one immense thing about hubless wifi smart bulbs is that most of them will actually work WITH a HUB, but it is not required because it does have an app.

How long do smart light last?

General perception about smart lights outdoor is that since they have sensor detect so they are really expensive and burn out really quick. Well, smart lights Amazon sell have variety of smart LED light bulbs which have different time span and which last up to 15,000 hours, though some can last up to 25,000 hours. This is best for smart light Philips hue smart have It depends on the manufacturer of the bulb and how often it is used. For Example, if a smart bulb with a lifespan 15,000 hours is used 5 hours a day, it can last roughly 8 years. Omni Smart wifi bulbs come with 1 year local warranty.

Do smart lights save money?

There is no doubt that Smart lights bulbs are generally more expensive than traditional LED bulbs and that is because they pack in other tech options. Omni Smart Home Automation provides you with the cost effective low cost prices of quality smart bulbs starter kit which may range from Rs1950 to over rupees 2450 on other smart home devices providers. A typical bulb with soft white light usually runs for about three hours per day, so if you have a light that you like to leave on, your smart bulb may burn out faster, but will still have a longer life than a normal bulb.For the ease of our clients, if you have to replace a lot of lights in a single room, a smart light switch may be a more economical option.

Looking at the other aspects like electricity, and longevity of having to replace color bulbs, Yes, multi color smart bulbs, and LED bulbs, in general, are very much worth the money. You will realize that you will save money on these bulbs in the long run of having them. Typical bulbs, although cheaper to buy, will have to be replaced many times over compared to a smart bulb. Smart bulbs will have a higher cost out of pocket up front but will last you years before they have to be replaced depending on usage.

Does color matter?

For the most part of smart lights that work with alexa, it does not matter in terms of lifespan if you get multi colors or not when choosing a smart bulb. Like, RGB lights are specifically designed to be able to switch from different colors, and are not just a one color bulb. Most of the bulbs that come in different colors, last just as long as the normal white smart bulb. That is basically working hours of roughly 20,000. Color bulbs work best in your studio for making the best effect or for clubs or they will be great configured in kids rooms, and living rooms where you can control the light by asking, “alexa turn off the brightness of lights “to have a dimmed color on one light or to give off a different glow. The price of a colored can be a little bit more in cost, but it not usually by much, and it will depend on if it is a single color or a multi-colored bulb.

Color Temperature

Google home mini can configure with any color temperature lights. if the color of the bulb is whit, it does not make it any less of the smart light. White bulbs come in a variety of color temperatures, ranging from a bluer white to a more reddish white.


  • 2700K: These bulbs are labeled “soft white” and will cast a gentle warm glow that’s good for the bedroom, as well as table and floor lamps.
  • 3000K: “Bright white” bulbs have a more neutral glow, being neither warm nor cool.
  • 4000K: of you are always confused with soft white and warm white bulb now you have a new choice Cool White LED bulb.
  • 5000K: Lights that are 5000K and higher will typically carry a “daylight” label and edge towards the bluer part of the spectrum. However, they best approximate actual sunlight.



Color ChoiceDescriptionExplaination
1,000KCandlelight Red/Yellow
1800KVintage-look Filament Lamp – OrangeUltra Warm
2400KLamp style used in hospitalityVery Warm
2700KConventional Halogen and LED Lamp – YellowWarm
3000K Warm White
4000KCFL and LED – WhiteCool White
6000KCool Daylight
10,000KBlue Sky – Blue


If you are still confused about adopting smart home technology for your complete home, smart lighting is a good starting point. Replace few bulbs or down-lights and see how it fits in your smart lifestyle.


Smart Home and cost effective guide for Pakistan

by junaid

Cost effective guide for Home Automation Pakistan

Affordable smart home automation solution, save time, monitor energy, remote control electronic access via mobile. Larger Number of compatible devices and sensors. Plug the switch download a free app for android or iOS, pair it with easy to follow instructions and pair the device. Here you are ready for a home automation. It became more interesting once you add additional electrical sockets, wi-fi light switches to turn on lights and start creating automation scenarios using the outdoor motion sensor.

Along with these simple tasks, home automation application can also enable daily modes and pre schedule any electrical appliance, so that air-conditioner is on before you reach home. All the Omni Smart home devices included can be programmed to send you alerts and mobile notifications, letting you know that the tea is ready or the washing machine is done.

If you add LED light in the system you can configure them to turn on and off at given time or dim them as per your requirement, it can help you setting the romantic mood just right. Best feature in Omni is energy monitor & consumption menu, it is interesting data about how much electricity is consumed by the appliances attached.

Our smart system is also compatible with Google Home Assistant, Amazon Alexa and “if this then that” ITTT rules, this means that it will link with huge number of platforms.


How much does home automation cost in Pakistan?

Smart home install price configured with most common smart home devices and functions for 1 kanal House in Pakistan start cost around 7.5 lac. It comes with complete remote-controlled light switches, smart timer socket in every room and 1 smart curtain placed in choice of your room. You can control switches with iphone / android Mobile applications.

Big choice of Home Automation Devices


Smart Light Switches.

We have one of the best electrical switches in Pakistan. With following qualities, we have no competition in best standards.

  • Energy Monitoring
  • Over volt protection
  • Fire resistant material
  • Tampered glass
  • Scratch proof
  • Water resistant

Remote light control or smart dimmer switches for lights or fan, we have all variety and different options can be matched to create the scenario for your comfort. All devices are controlled through mobile application also work as timers for light switches and can be operated directly from glass touch panelsSmart Electrical Switches.

When choosing your smart home light switches we always stand the first choice for our customers because of our smart home technology is customized for Pakistan market with warranty and technical support.


Smart RGB Wireless WIFI Bulbs:

A smart RGB wireless WIFI bulb powered by Omni cloud solution is capable of 4 k resolution. Color changing lighting is perfect opportunity to make your rooms, restaurants and your workspace enlightened with different moods. Alexa controlled lights are smart enough to manage 16 million colors and variety of tones of white. In smart lighting system, every color is Dimmable LED lighting as per your desired requirement of ambiance. This means this is controllable lighting system in which you can change the color form blue to green, red to yellow; even change the light from plain to bright.

Controlling lights with google home is not the only advantage that you see in these lights rather these lights are remotely accessible and can be used for various rooms like gym room and gaming room. Voice controlled lighting helps you control the lights from your voice from very RGB wireless bulb


 Wi-fi electronic smart door lock:

You home or not, safety concerns are priority for everyone and with a wifi electronic smart door lock you can be sure of your security at home for your loved ones.  Just need to install this lock on your preexisting door. Bet feature about remote door lock is not only its control system but also Reverse locking system for your privacy concern.  Electronic remote door lock installed in your home entrance gate has capacity of 100 users which makes all your family members to access the lock with finger print key.

Smart wi-fi door lock features:

  • Unlock with finger sensor bio metric
    Smart Door Lock

    Complete options door lock

  • Password Unlock
  • Physical key unlock
  • RIFD card unlock.
  • Alarm Method: Mobile APP warning.
  • Remote monitoring from anywhere.
  • One-button door bell.
  • Configure with other smart home products.

Smart Home Motorized Curtain

Think if you wake up in the morning not only your alarm goes off automatically but your curtains open on themselves too? Or if it is weekend and you plan to stay in bed for longer and not a light fan, these smart curtains will close for themselves. Motorized curtains in different sizes and same functionality can be induced in your house now. All you need is to configure them with the Google home or Alexa. Smart home curtains can also configured with the timings.  Omni smart home automation has smart curtain motor rod with which you use the drapes of curtains that you already own. Features included are:

  1. A remote control.Smart Omni Curtain Control
  2. Voice controlling.
  3. Smart device interaction.
  4. Soft touch start
  5. No wiring is required
  6. Mobile control app

All existing roman blinds and draw curtains can be upgraded to work with motorized smart home curtains.



Smart Home devices are not a space tech anymore. They are used in everyday life and can be incorporated in daily life style of Pakistani household. If you are scared or not an early adopter instead on going all in, start with one room, get the lights, fan, curtains and air conditioning incorporated into the smart home starter package. Take thee feel of the technology and see what wonders it brings to your daily life and then decide to include other part of ur home into your smart home nest.


Cost Price & Benefits of Best Home Automation system for Smart Homes in Pakistan for 2019?

by junaid

Cost Price & Benefits of Best Home Automation system for Smart Homes in Pakistan for 2019?

Best Architect and Builder!! Spanish Tiles!! Solid Wood Doors!! Italian high-end Designer Kitchen!! Hikvision CCTV camera!!! What is the need for all these high-end products when you are planning your new home construction?  It is a life time decision and one has been saving all their life to build their dream smart home. Why are celebrities’ home in USA and Europe more concerned about the simplicity and convenience to make it a Smart home.

Smart Home or home automation basically refer to same idea of hooking up Home Automation Devices and Tech Hacks to get your daily routine tasks done more efficiently to save energy and time.

Few questions that pop when you are planning to automate your home in Pakistan.

What is home automation?

How much does it cost to automate a home?

How does home automation work?

What is home automation using IOT?

Why is home automation needed?

Answer. Omni Smart Home Automation

If you are a high-end architect builder, who wants to add value to your latest construction project or you building your dream smart home and wish to add convenience to your life. Omni Smart Home Lighting, Smart Touch Electrical Fitting and Smart Electric Motorized Curtain and Automated Blinds is the answer to your question. With Showroom in Lahore Gulberg get first hand experience of how easily you can incorporate home automation system in your Home. Complete range of Smart devices Pakistan is available to manage all requirements. Complete Planning of your requirement, and cost benefit for Smart Home and Home Automation in Pakistan.

Home Automation Pakistan

Home Automation Pakistan

Home automation in Pakistan is not something new, however home automation companies in Pakistan have been installing smart home solutions that would scare the top tech experts. Gone are the days when u needed to be facebook owner or extensive layout of Cat6 cables running through your walls and maintain a server room in your house just to switch a light ON. Few tech manic have killed their time in raspberry pi home automation. Smart Home Automation Ideas are now easily workable in Pakistan with complete range of sensors and Smart Electrical fittings from single Smart Home Vendor in Pakistan.

Home automation system have evolved over the time and in 2019 Smart Home System setup by Omni Smart Home Automation dose not require any special network wiring. Be it a renovation idea or new home construction, home automation system can be easily installed with cost effective way and by a regular electrician. Omni Smart Home automation beats any other Home Automation Provider In Pakistan because of their unmatched after sales service and 1 year Local Warranty with head office in Lahore Pakistan.

Smart homes is not a dream now you can easily install smart home automation system in Pakistan and live a automate Pakistan life.

Difference Between Smart Home Capabilities and Normal Home

Difference Between Smart Home Capabilities and Normal Home  
Smart Lighting Control from Anywhere.NoYes
Color Changing Light scenes RGB Smart Lights (atmosphere).NoYes
Over Load and Short Circuit ProtectionNoYes
Change Switch on/ off AC temperature from MobileNoYes
Latest Touch Screen Fashion StatementNoYes
Color Light scenes RGB Smart Lights (atmosphere).NoYes
One button Switch off Smart lights before Sleeping of leaving the house.NoYes
Window Curtain & Blind control from any place.NoYes
No additional Wiring Required to Reconfigure the Buttons.NoYes
Complete integration with Alarms and Sirens.NoYes

What about Smart Light Bulbs that makes them best part of smart home lights in Pakistan?

by junaid

What about Smart Light Bulbs that makes them best part of smart home lights in Pakistan?

Philips hue was the first to come up with a credible wireless lights product and an extensive rang of wifi lighting solutions. Constructing and new home or renovating your old living space, smart home devices are integral feature in all smart home projects. Smart lights or “wireless lights” how you may call it is the first step towards automating home construction project. Before you get carried away in the fantasy of color changing led bulbs, wirelessly controlled by your mobile and voice by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, there are few questions you should answer.

  1. How long smart bulbs last?

Light bulbs, smart led light strip and led ceiling lights are all examples of Smart Lighting. Technically they are same as a regular Led Bulbs however an additional communication ship is added to be controlled via WIFI mobile. Life of Led lighting is better than original Edison Bulbs and traditional Energy saver bulbs.

Smart Light Solution

Smart Light Solution

  1. What do smart Lights Do?

Wifi lighting solutions come hand for many reasons. They can work together in pairs when using them as dimmable Ambiance Lighting. Such Scenario Lighting are needed in Home Theater, bedrooms and restaurant for mood lighting solution. Smart Lights can change color and temperature to suit requirements. Energy efficiency is another factor that comes handy as it can be pre-configured timer to turn on and off at specific time.

  1. Which Smart Lights work with Alexa and Google Assistant?

Below are few brands of smart lights in Pakistan that I have tested to work good with amazon Alexa.

  • Phillips Hue (Most Expensive).
  • Lutron.
  • Omni Smart Lighting Bulbs. (Local Warranty in Pakistan)
  • Ikea (Relatively New entry)


Wifi Lighting Solutions & smart bulbs in Pakistan are a new entry for technology and interior designing enthusiast. Instead of wasting money on Philips hue you should look for cheap good price alternative with similar life and functionality. Wireless controlled light bulbs & Light Fixture are not the only part of smart home, you should look for a compete Home Automation company, so all future electronics in your home could be controlled by you mobile. Omni Smart Lighting is a google home light bulbs, it works stand alone and have the option to integrate with smart door locks and motion sensor to make it a complete smart home step by step. All latest Home Automation features like integration with Google Home, Amazon AlexaGoogle nest and IFTTT can be integrated into your smart home.



Cost of Home Automation in Pakistan.

by junaid

Cost of Home Automation in Pakistan.

Does Home Automation costs star and moon?

Building a new home or renovating? Does Home Automation add another nail in your bank account? Until now, celebrity homes and penthouses were the only ones to use automated central management systems for their homes. It was limited to controlling temperature and lacked remote operation, scheduling and tracking functions. Smart Home automation is a step forward towards “Internet of Things,” wide and stable availability of internet has made remote controlling possible and reduce the cost and effort involved in making a smart home.


Most home owners now have critical questions either to opt for Smart Home automation in Pakistan or it is only for the Richie rich? Will it ever come to Pakistan? It is already here and will be knitting into our daily lives without us knowing. Don’t look far, most Air conditioner companies in Pakistani market are offering control over the internet through mobile application. All brands of CCTV cameras now come with android and IOs apps to view remotely. These are just simple steps towards home automation.

Smart Home Automation Price in Pakistan

Smart Home Automation Price in Pakistan

With the advancement of technology in the field of Smart Home, automating home is a basic requirement to save energy and time in everyday living. The Additional cost of home automation in Pakistan offsets by far the lifestyle, it brings to your daily routine. Forget about remembering to switch off unnecessary lights at night, or locking doors. Schedule the task or Use the Android/ IOS App to trigger smart automation scenario with one click from the comfort of your bed. Multiple devices/ appliances work together to automate the routine. Along with smart home lighting solutions, easy integration of existing electrical appliances is possible through same interface. Conventional wall switch plates with existing wiring are replaced with smart electrical Switches & smart sockets to bring automation feature to your home without the need of any fancy wiring & cabling. Everything from Fan speed, to light dimmers, motorized curtain and domestic water pumps can be pre-configured to save energy and make your life convenient.

All efficient Smart Home Solutions come with Wall Touch Screen Smart Home Controller, usually installed at a central place in your home. It brings convenience of controlling all part of home from a single screen. Switching on terrace lights and locking gate all with a touch of button. Video door bell, an added feature to maximize the usage of touch control panel for your home. Watch who is on the door before unlocking the main door.

Home automation touch screen systems can also be used as a back-ground music controller to play music through celling speakers to bring touch of class.

The main feature of home automation is remote access. Smart Phone with internet access can offer plenty of details about your home, such as real-time statuses of electrical outlets. Managing status of your security system to find out if any doors is left unlocked, if any lights are still on, and if air conditioning is required when u return back home. CCTV integration with smart home systems, allow you to turn on remote video feeds to see what is happening in your household when you’re not around. Smart Home sensors can be programmed to send a notification to your smart device whether it be rainy weather, detection of motion in some part of your home, or a fire alarm.


The possibilities to manage Home automation systems are unlimited, with lives getting busier everyday Home automation is integral part of all new construction plans. With just fractional cost increment, it gives home owner the secure and energy efficient life style.


Download Price List of Home Automation In Pakistan.

PDF file download

Home Automation Pakistan Price List