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Best smart touch WIFI light switches and dimmers for Pakistan in 2022

smart toch wifi electrical light switches and dimmer in Pakistan

Best smart touch light switches and dimmers for Pakistan in 2022 (Guide)

What are smart switches?

Electrical wall fitting to control lights and fan that can be controlled by WIFI connected mobile application, additionally some WIFI light switch also can be controlled by RF remote control.

Why Use WIFI Touch Switches in Pakistan?

Ease of use and ability to control globally is the primary reason. Intelligent switches have a built-in mechanism for surge protection. It can configure Multiple third-party services like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa Echo dot, and IFTT with wall switches to the ultimate level of ease. All switches Most Google nest products are compatible with such wireless smart light switches. They work well with UPS/ Solar power supply. These smart switches in Pakistan come with 1 neutral wire and one Main live wire option; the load is connected via Half lines. There is a new option of dual-module also available to connect two live wires. For WIFI connectivity of light switches 2.4 GHz network is required.

Smart Touch WIfi switch electric wiring diagram

Smart Touch WIfi switch electric wiring diagram


Smart Home light switches are available in the following configuration in Pakistan.

  • 4 gang + Fan Dimmer Smart touch WIFI Switch.
  • 8 gang Smart touch WIFI light switch.
  • 4 gang smart WIFI touch light switch.
  • Smart Dimmer switch for fan.
  • WIFI Dimmer switch for lights.
  • Smart Timer socket for Water motor & Electrical Water Geyser.

Other products that are incorporated in the smart home include key-less fingerprint smart lock, smart video doorbell intercom, and sensors like door sensors and motion sensors.

  • 4 gang + Fan Dimmer Smart touch WIFI switch.

4 gang + fan dimmer switch is the most common and easy replacement of existing light switches in Pakistan. It is all in one innovative home solution for a room that includes automating lights and fan speed through a mobile application and Rf remote control. Size is 147 mm (3 x 6) as China fitting size applicable for Pakistan standard size.

  • 8 gang Smart touch WIFI light switch.

Each gang can control 350 watts to connect multiple lights. Multiple switches in 8 gang switches allow the ease of automating all lights in the room. You will have 8 buttons that can also pair wireless to switches in other areas of the home. These smart buttons can also be configured to create intelligent home scenarios to trigger multiple actions with the click of a button. Switches can easily replace existing fittings if you are doing renovation; you are not required to change wall boxes to install these switches.

  • 4 gang smart WIFI touch light switch.

4 light switches in size 3 x 3 standard size for Pakistani electrical switches. All smart switches include a timer option to control the lights as per timing. Lighting can turn on and off with the touch, and mobile application tuya / smart life and all switches can also connect to google home and Alexa smart assistant. The smart home app can be installed on Android and IOS mobile phones. With 4 smart gang switches.

  • Smart Dimmer switch for fan.

Fan dimmer is a must in Pakistani weather in every home. A smart dimmer can control a fan in step-less motion with a touch button and application. The WIFI fan remote option is available to control the fan with remote control from the comfort of the bed. Fan speed can automatically adjust based on temperature if a smart temperature and humidity sensor is used. The switch has one live wire, one neutral, and one half-line to connect the fan. The ceiling fan and pedestal are compatible with the fan dimmer switch.

omni smart home automation pakistan

omni smart home automation Pakistan

  • WIFI Dimmer switch for lights.

A smart dimmer switch for lights is a luxury option at maximum. It can help you dim lights through voice commands and help you create the perfect ambiance. The size is 3×3 (86×86 mm), compatible with the local standard size. This is a step-less dimmer light switch that can take up to 350 watts, and multiple lights can be connected and controlled.

  • Smart Timer socket for Water motor & Electrical Water Geyser.

A smart plug is most used in Pakistan as timer switches for water motors and electric water geyser control. These smart power outlets can control up to 13amp appliances like AC / water motor/water heater; they can maintain a daily schedule from a mobile phone. These wall sockets can connect multiple Plugs as it has the multi-switch option. WIFI wall sockets are a must-have option for your home.

Wired or Wireless Smart Devices

It is an extensive choice that you must research before making choices. Going wireless sounds very techy; however, there is a limitation; for example, living in a 1 Kanal smart home in Pakistan is vast enough to have signal blackouts. If you buy a Ring doorbell from Google, you might be thinking that you have made an intelligent choice; however, it will end up useless as you will either have to set up a separate router close to the main gate or bear service fallouts. It is best to choose a wired smart video intercom doorbell hard wired to your lounge touch screen to ensure stable service. Choose wisely before spending hard money.

Do’s And Don’ts You Wish You Knew About before switching to home automation.

At this point, there should be consideration about choosing the right echo system of devices available for your brand of choice. You don’t wish to have 10 apps on your mobile to operate and control your home. Choose a brand like Tuya with an echo system of up to 3000 types of intelligent devices. It will make all your devices communicate with each other easily. Brands like SONOF in Pakistan have a minimal devices ecosystem.

The most important part of choosing such switches is that you should think about long-term and not short-term discounts. The device should be chosen, keeping in mind the availability of cloud services for the next 20 years. Choosing a cheap local seasonal mushroom brand will only cause an issue in the long term. Such fly-by-night smart home companies will disappear with time, leaving users stranded with no updates from the vendor side for future technology updates. That is why it is of utmost importance only to choose the Switch controller that comes with the official Tuya / smart life application in Pakistan to connect seamlessly to Google nest and Amazon smart products. Having apple home kit connectivity would be additional. It will help you create Google Home routines, Alexa routines, and setting up Siri Shortcuts.

The beauty of the smart home is how seamlessly it incorporates your lifestyle and how easily you can manage your daily routines through a simple touch-and-go mechanism. It should add convince and comfort with a touch of luxury to your lifestyle in Pakistan.

Final Expert Advice, make your lights smart with switches, not get smart WIFI bulbs.

You choose Arduino, raspberry pi, home assistant, or DIY official TUYA / smart life device for smart home automation solutions in Pakistan. It is recommended that instead of buying smart RGB WIFI lights like Phillips’s hue, one should replace existing wall light touch switches to make the room and home smart. It will be a long-term, cost-effective choice and easy expand-ability option.

Adding options like smart video intercom doorbell, smart door locks, smart Universal IR remote controller will enhance your experience once your smart home devices use smart speakers and displays.

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