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Cost Price & Benefits of Best Home Automation system for Smart Homes in Pakistan for 2019?

Best Home Automation system for Smart Homes in Pakistan

Cost Price & Benefits of Best Home Automation system for Smart Homes in Pakistan for 2019?

Best Architect and Builder!! Spanish Tiles!! Solid Wood Doors!! Italian high-end Designer Kitchen!! Hikvision CCTV camera!!! What is the need for all these high-end products when you are planning your new home construction?  It is a lifetime decision and one has been saving all their life to build their dream smart home. Why are celebrities’ homes in USA and Europe more concerned about the simplicity and convenience to make it a Smart home?

Smart home automation basically refers to the same idea of hooking up Home Automation Devices and Tech Hacks to get your daily routine tasks done more efficiently to save energy and time.

A few questions pop up when you are planning to automate your home in Pakistan.

What is home automation?

How much does it cost to automate a home?

What is automation using IOT?

Why is automation needed?

Answer. Omni Smart Home Automation

If you are a high-end architect builder, who wants to add value to your latest construction project or you building your dream smart home and wish to add convenience to your life. Omni Smart Home Lighting, Smart Touch Electrical Fitting, Smart Electric Motorized Curtain, and Automated Blinds are the answer to your question. With Showroom in Lahore Gulberg get first-hand experience of how easily you can incorporate a home automation system in your house. A complete range of Smart devices in Pakistan is available to manage all requirements. Complete Planning of your requirement, and cost-benefit for Smart in Pakistan.

Home Automation Pakistan

Home Automation Pakistan

Home automation in Pakistan is not something new, however, companies in Pakistan have been installing smart solutions that would scare the top tech experts. Gone are the days when u needed to be a Facebook owner or extensive layout of Cat6 cables running through your walls and maintain a server room in your house just to switch a light ON.

Few techs manic have killed their time in raspberry pi home automation. Smart Home Ideas are now easily workable in Pakistan with a complete range of sensors and Smart Electrical fittings from a single Smart Home Vendor in Pakistan.

Home automation systems have evolved over time and in 2019 Smart Home System setup by Omni Smart does not require any special network wiring. Be it a renovation idea or new home construction, the home automation system can be easily installed in a cost-effective way by a regular electrician. Omni Smart solution beats any other Automation Provider In Pakistan because of its unmatched after-sales service and 1-year Local Warranty with its head office in Lahore Pakistan.

Smart homes are not a dream now you can easily install a smart home automation system in Pakistan and live an automated Pakistan life.

Difference Between Smart Home Capabilities and Normal Home

Difference Between Smart Home Capabilities and Normal Home    
Smart Lighting Control from Anywhere. No Yes
Color Changing Light scenes RGB Smart Lights (atmosphere). No Yes
Load and Short Circuit Protection No Yes
Change Switch on/ off AC temperature from Mobile No Yes
Latest Touch Screen Fashion Statement No Yes
Color Light scenes RGB Smart Lights (atmosphere). No Yes
One button Switch off Smart lights before Sleeping or leaving the house. No Yes
Window Curtain & Blind control from any place. No Yes
No additional Wiring is Required to Reconfigure the Buttons. No Yes
Complete integration with Alarms and Sirens. No Yes

2 thoughts on “Cost Price & Benefits of Best Home Automation system for Smart Homes in Pakistan for 2019?

  1. Muhammad Waqas says:

    impressive !! but i have few question that keeping in view the current economic scenario and descending buying power of even higher class doesn't it momentum or turnover of this industry. secondly what about the data , i mean the behavior of family , does it reside in prem of PAKISTAN. installing Camera over a network is one of the most dangerous idea. as IP is one which is traceable.

    adaptability of frustrated people to spend more over italian kitchen , Top architects and Builders …..

    how do you cover the sales and services in multiple cities , Cost of the Operations is again a big question mark??

    1. junaid says:

      thanks for your inquiry …

      if you are concerned about public security issue then .. you choose to have a zigbee based home automation system. it runs on specialized protocol to allow secure communication.


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