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Door lock price in Pakistan 2022

smart door lock price in pakistan

Door lock price in Pakistan have been unstable due 2 factors increase in united stated dollar rates and increase in demand due to rapid construction in last 2 years.

Type of door locks in Pakistan

  • Main door lock
  • Wicket Side Gate Lock
  • Main entrance door-lock
  • Wicket door

In Pakistan mostly doors are made of wood for indoor. Outdoor doors are made of iron material for waterproof purpose.

Door lock price in Pakistan.

For Latest door lock designs you use pinterest and browse best designs of doors. It is important to note that the new technology is introduced in Pakistan by Omni WIFI Home Automation fingerprint door lock. Latest wooden electric smart digital main door locks look fashionable and high-tech once installed in smart 1 kanal house in Lahore. Multiple users can be added to it, and can be operated easily without the need of key. they can be used for main gate and electric gates. Due to recent increase in USD $ rate prices of smart door locks in Pakistan have increased also however they are still very compatible with mechanical door locks and are a good hassle free replacement.

Type of Smart Door Locks in Pakistan.

  1. Smart Handle lock
  2. Smart Rim Lock
  3. Smart Room door lock
  4. Smart lock with camera

Smart handle lock

Smart Gate Lock - water proof

Smart Gate Lock – water proof

These locks come with a conventional handle to open the door along with other functions like


It is very simple to replace existing locks. Normal carpenter can replace them with minutes without causing any damage to the door polish. Configuration is pretty much do it yourself. No electrical wiring is required as they are operated by AA or AAA batteries, which last upto 6 months depending upon your usage. You can download application on mobile to configure automation regarding user rights.

Smart Rim Lock

A Rim Lock is conventional type of  locking device usually used on metal or wood wicket doors. Its design contains a metal box having a deadbolt type of lock with latch. Latest electronic lock in Pakistan come with waterproofing so it can be installed on side gate. They can record multiple user with fingerprint record to allow entry without keys.  All basic operations like remote unlock from mobile application are supported.

SDL-23 WIFI SMART door lock Size

SDL-23 WIFI SMART door lock Size

Smart Room door lock

For rooms usually smaller door locks are used and come with 2 type of options of connectivity.

  • WIFI Door Lock
  • Bluetooth Door lock

Functionality is same as handle locks, but the size is convenient to match aesthetics of room. If it is a Big size lock then it will lock very odd. The size makes it easy to manage for the room.

Smart lock with camera.

This is more expensive and  sophisticated of the lot. However they still do not require any wiring. These type of locks have rechargeable batteries as they use more power due to added facility of camera  and motorized lock body. Camera can be used to record and as a video intercom doorbell.

They have same functions like handle door locks with added facility of camera. You can add memory card to record the visitor. The size is bigger and looks very executive high tech look.

Keyless entry door lock with camera MDC-24 Tuya

Keyless entry door lock with camera MDC-24 Tuya

Final words

It is recommended to get smart handle locks and smart rim locks in Pakistan as they are suited due to functions and best price in Pakistan.

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