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Hotel door lock Pakistan – RFID card Mifare Electronic hotel lock

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Hotel Door Lock System in Pakistan comes with free hotel room software for hotel occupancy management system. Easily replace existing locks in your hotel, no additional wiring required Free training and licensed software.

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Hotel door Lock system in Pakistan

Hotel key card lock available in Pakistan that can be installed on any wood door. Guest room lock system has built in RFID card and Mifare card system for hotel room management through software solution.  Licensed hotel Software is provided free of cost to mange hotel room occupancy management system.

Hotel Locking system can replaced existing door locks in hotels. No additional wiring is needed for upgrading. Key-less entry door lock are used in most modern hotel chains as it brings convenience for guest an

d value to hotel luxury. NFC smart door lock can use contact less key cards for room entry. Hotel branding and logo can be printed on the cards for small additional price. Additional Mifare cards can purchased for nominal prices.




Hotel Lock installation in Pakistan
Hotel Lock installation in Pakistan

Electronic hotel locks

Omni Smart home can help you train your staff to use the software for hotel management at no additional. Smart card lock system dose not require any additional wiring as they are operated on low power consumption ships and normal AA batteries can last up-to 6 months. batteries can be replaced very easily by room staff.

Specifications for hotel lock:

  1. Override Computer Key for Emergency use, individual/master cylinder, Self Error detecting by LED and ”
    beep”. Improper lock warning
  2. Metal Alloy body
  3. Temic 5557 card or Mifare 1K, compatible with Energy Saver
  4. ANSI Standard mortise/Euro standard mortise. Inside Dead Bolt. Inside handle retracts latches and
  5. Power: 6V AA alkaline batteries, 18 months’ duration, low Battery Voltage warning. (Lower than 3.5 V)
  6. Service Durability: more than 100000 times
  7. The Range of Gate Thickness: 38~55mm
  8. Humidity: ≤ 95%
  9. Working Temperature: -45 degrees centigrade~80 degrees centigrade
  10. Effective Time of Opening the Lock: 5 seconds
  11. Life Time: 10 years
  12. Suitable door: Wooden door, fire-proof door, metal door and so on
  13. Inductive Distance: ≥ 20mm
  14. Static Load< 10Ua, Working Load: 100Ma-150Ma
  15. Free Step by step installation software, easy operation. OEM locking system available.
    Classified Access Authorization for safety management.

Hotel door lock price in Pakistan at wholesale price.

For bigger quantity and wholesale price of hotel door locks contact us at +923111182111




Connection Type

WIFI, Wired, Wireless, Zigbee

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  1. Allied Hotel

    best electronic hotel door lock price in Pakistan. Complete licensed software was provided with free training.

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hotel door lock price in pakistanHotel door lock Pakistan – RFID card Mifare Electronic hotel lock
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