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Door Lock – Fingerprint handle lock system (video)

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Door lock with fingerprint and WIFI application

7 ways to unlock.


Smart door lock for bed Room RDL-22

Power supply: 4.5v-6.5v (i.e. 4 dry batteries)

No Need for Wiring Replace existing Lock

Mobile App: Smart Life, Tuya

Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Door lock fingerprint handle door lock system

Door lock allows your home to work with you more than ever before, giving you the freedom to let your friends in and out when you’re busy, or when they’ve just had too much. This smart door lock is the best gateway to a smart life. Remotely unlock door form mobile application. complete log of people who opened the door. Can connect to other smart devices like Lights to automatically be turned on when door is opened.

  • Power supply: 4.5v-6.5v (i.e. 4 dry batteries)
  • Typical quiescent current: < 55 μ a
  • Door opening mode: fingerprint, swipe card, password, mobile app
  • Mobile App Smart Life / Tuya
  • Working current > 280 MA (strong driving ability)
  • Fingerprint number of door opening < = 100
  • Number of door opening cards < = 100
  • Number of door opening passwords < = 100
  • Door opening remote control quantity < = 30
  • Resolution: 500dpi
  • Rejection rate: ≤ 0.15%
  • False recognition rate: 50.00004%
  • Working temperature: – 10 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
  • Relative humidity: 20% ~ 93%

Door Lock Installation video for RDL-22 smart lock

Specification and Size char for Model RDL-22.

smart room door lock size specifition in Pakistan
smart room door lock size specification in Pakistan

Door Lock Price in Pakistan with 1 year warranty


smart locks for home

Automatic door locks for houses are most needed important security feature for your new home interior.


Dimensions 10 × 5 × 3 cm

Smart Life, Tuya



Connection Type

WIFI, Wireless

Voice Controlled

Alexa, Google Home

1 review for Door Lock – Fingerprint handle lock system (video)

  1. Ali Javaid

    For wooden door best size and Price in Pakistan. Excellent Glass finish makes it look premium

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