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Smart universal wall socket with USB – 2 Ports Fast Charging

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  • 5 pin universal socket
  • 2 Fast Charging Ports
  • 10 amp
  • 3 x 3 inch size for Pakistan

Convert any existing electrical appliance into smart WIFI mobile and Alexa controlled smart device.

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Smart universal wall socket with USB

Universal Wall Socket with fast charging USB port

PRODUCT 5 Hole Outlet Wall Socket With USB
USE OCCASION Residential/General-Purpose
SIZE  86*86mm/146*86mm/172*86mm/etc.
INSIDE MATERIAL  Phosphor copper/Bronze 
PACKING  1 pc + screws + manual
MECHANICAL LIFE 100000times/80000timea

Control USB and Multi Socket separately.

wall socket fast charging
wall socket fast charging

This electric power wall socket can connect all types of plugs for universal capability. Connect it with WIFI and control all ports separately from your mobile. No special wiring is required to replace existing wall outlet. You can connect your TV Fridge or automate your coffee maker. This device can easily covert your existing old electronic items to smart voice / Alexa controlled smart device. Smart universal wall socket with usb is cost effective way to convert your home into smart home.

smart wall socket
smart wall socket

1 review for Smart universal wall socket with USB – 2 Ports Fast Charging

  1. Ali Syed

    one device to do it all. charge your mobile or control your electrical appliance. best for bedroom. study table and kitchen counter

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universal wall socket with usbSmart universal wall socket with USB – 2 Ports Fast Charging
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