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What about the Smart Light Bulb that makes the best part of smart home lights in Pakistan?

smart light bulbs best smart home lights in pakistan.

What about the Smart Light Bulb that makes the best part of smart home lights in Pakistan?

Philips hue was the first to come up with a credible wireless lights product and an extensive range of wifi lighting solutions. Constructing and new home or renovating your old living space, smart home devices are integral features in all smart home projects. Smart lights or “wireless lights” as you may call it is the first step towards automating home construction project. Before you get carried away in the fantasy of color-changing led bulbs, wirelessly controlled by your mobile and voice by Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, there are a few questions you should answer.

How long do smart bulbs last?

Light bulbs, smart led light strips, and led ceiling lights are all examples of Smart Lighting. Technically they are the same as regular Led Bulbs however an additional communication ship is added to be controlled via WIFI mobile. The life of Led lighting is better than that of original Edison Bulbs and traditional Energy saver bulbs.

Smart Light Solution

Smart Light Solution

What do smart Light bulbs Do?

Wifi lighting solutions come in handy for many reasons. They can work together in pairs when using them as dimmable Ambiance Lighting. Such Scenario Lighting are needed in Home Theater, bedrooms, and restaurant for mood lighting solution. Smart Lights can change color and temperature to suit requirements. Energy efficiency is another factor that comes in handy as it can be a pre-configured timer to turn on and off at specific times.

Which Smart Lights work with Alexa and Google Assistant?

Below are a few brands of smart lights in Pakistan that I have tested to work well with Amazon Alexa.

  • Phillips Hue (Most Expensive).
  • Lutron.
  • Omni Smart Lighting Bulbs. (Local Warranty in Pakistan)
  • Ikea (Relatively New entry)


Wifi Lighting Solutions & smart bulbs in Pakistan are a new entry for technology and interior designing enthusiast. Instead of wasting money on Philips hue, you should look for a cheap good price alternative with similar life and functionality. Wireless-controlled light bulbs & Light fixtures are not the only part of a smart home, you should look for a complete Home Automation company so that all future electronics in your home could be controlled by your mobile.

Omni Smart Lighting is a google home light bulb, it works stand-alone and has the option to integrate with smart door locks and motion sensors to make it a complete smart home step-by-step. All the latest Home Automation features like integration with Google Home, Amazon AlexaGoogle nest and IFTTT can be integrated into your smart home.


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