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Humidity Temperature Meter for Room – Real time WIFI APP


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Weather Thermometer for home

Humidity Temperature Meter for Room is a smart device that can be placed anywhere in the room to monitor room condition from anywhere in the world through your mobile


Temperature Meter Specification

  • Input voltage: DC3V LR03*2 (Small Pencil Cell)
  • Quiescent current: ≤30uA
  • Low power under-voltage: ≤2.5V
  • WiFi: 802. 11b/g/n 2. 4GHz
  • Working temperature:-10℃~55℃
  • Working humidity: 10%~90%RH
  • Size: 70*25*20mm

Real-time Monitor Temp & Humidity meter for room


Humidity Meter Specification
Humidity Meter Specification


Digital Hygrometer with Mobile application.

APP name Tuya Smart/ Smart Life
Voice Control Amazon Alexa/ Google Assistant
WIFI 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n
Working humidity 0-99.9%RH
Working temperature: -10℃-55℃
Input voltage DC3V LR03*2
Quiescent current ≤30uA
Low power under-voltage: ≤2.5V
Support Temperature/ Humidity real time Alarm Push
Temperature Accuracy ±0.3℃ (adjustable)
Humidity Accuracy ± 3% RH (adjustable)
Temperature/ Humidity report cycle 120 min (adjustable)



Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 cm

Google Nest, Smart Life, Tuya



Connection Type

WIFI, Wireless

Voice Controlled

Alexa, Google Home


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