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Temperature & Humidity Sensor – Real time Display on Mobile

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WiFi Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor USB Power With LCD Screen Display working with Alexa Google Assistant SmartThings Powered Smart Life/TUYA smart easy to use.

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor with smart Infrared controller best price in Pakistan

Temperature & Humidity Sensor reading on your mobile Android / IOS via WIFI. Get alerts of critical changes in the readings. Latest 2023 model with historical temperature graph, humidity graph and ability to control other devices in the area via universal infrared controller.


1. Smart weather sensor with built in smart IR controller.

Monitor real time Use high-precision sensors to monitor the humidity and temperature in the environment in real time. The temperature difference is ±1℃, and the humidity difference is ±5%RH. It can monitor your factory / shop / room / baby room / freezer temperature in real time and control your air conditioning. You can save money via running AC efficiently with real time statistic

2. Time and date display

The sensor is connected to the APP (smart life/ TUYA smart) to automatically synchronize the time and date of the mobile phone. There is an extra time display in the home.

3.Large LCD display weather station.

High-quality and clear LCD display, giving you the best visual experience and see real time temp & humidity.

4. Wireless Intelligent linkage with other smart home electrical devices

Through the mobile phone APP, you can use it with other smart devices to create your own smart scene. According to the temperature and humidity sensor, you can adjust the humidity and temperature in the environment.

For example, set that if the temperature is higher than 30°C, the universal remote control will automatically turn on the air conditioner (the air conditioner temperature can be set to 22°C.)

5. Remote monitoring of temperature and Humidity through WIFI mobile Application.

The temperature and humidity of the WiFi temperature and humidity sensor can be viewed remotely, and the baby room can be monitored in real time.

6. Work with Alexa and Google assistant


Smart Humidity and Temperature sensor. Mobile App View
Smart Humidity and Temperature sensor. Mobile App View

Specifications of Wireless WIFI smart hygrometer:

  • Size:65*65*17mm
  • Micro input:DC 5V/1A
  • Wi-Fi Frequency:2.4GHz(only)
  • Wi-Fi Standard:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Measure Range:0℃-60℃ 0%RH-99%RH
  • Measure Accuracy:±1℃ ±5%RH
  • Power supply: USB(DC 5V/1A)

Package Included:

1*sensor, 1*USB data cable, 1* manual

Smart Home Pakistan. Has Google just changed your living style ?

Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm

Smart Life, Tuya



Connection Type

WIFI, Wired

Voice Controlled

Alexa, Google Home

2 reviews for Temperature & Humidity Sensor – Real time Display on Mobile

  1. Sidra khaleel

    a must have device for every home. especially in high temperatures, lets me manage home/room temperatures with Invertor AC.

  2. Sidra Amin

    It monitors temperature and humidity, calculates dew points, and gets a weather forecast. Good product and great customer service.

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Smart WIFI Humidity and Temperature sensor.Temperature & Humidity Sensor – Real time Display on Mobile
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