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Timer Switch best price in Pakistan

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Timer Switch relay for electrical devices

Smart mini size 41*41*20mm

16A Smart WIFI Breaker Timer Switch

Smart Home Automation ON/OFF

Small size Tuya Smart WIFI Switch

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Timer Switch best price in Pakistan

timer switch 16A Mini DIY Tuya WiFi Smart Life Controller. Light Wall 2 Way Control Module Voice controlled timer switch compatible with Google nest smart Home and Alexa controlled smart switch in Pakistan

Smart Timer Switch Best Model

Mini WIFI smart switch
Mini WIFI smart switch

Main Feature of WIFI timer switch

WIFI remote control: turn the on/off from anywhere
App Support: Free iOS and Android Phone App (Smart Life)

Model No.
Smart Multi-Control
App Control / Tuya / Smart life
Maximum current
16A max
App Name
Tuya Smart and Smart Life
WiFi Frequency
WiFi 2.4GHz
WiFi Standard
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
timer motor switch
timer motor switch

Mini Timer Switch Usage

  • Timer switch for Water Pump Automation
  • Smart Switch for water motor
  • Air-conditioned Automation
  • Fridge Automation switch
  • Freezer Automation Switch
  • Coffee Machine automation
  • Washing machine automation
  • Automation for garage lighting

Smart Mini breaker Specification



Timer Schedule function:

Set timers and countdowns, create scenes, you can set timer schedules, and automatically turn on/off your lights, fans or appliances according to your daily habits. For example, you can set the corridor lights to turn on when you go home at night and turn off when you leave home in the morning

Voice assistant control smart timer switch

Used in conjunction with Alexa and Google Home, no need to press the switch button every time, you can easily turn on/off household appliances through voice commands, without a hub, creating scenes on Alexa or Google Home is very convenient, especially when you hands are full.

Remote Control applications anytime, anywhere

Even if you are not around, you can remotely control lights, routers, fans, TVs, coffee machines or any other devices below 10A/1100W by simply clicking on the mobile application Smart Life. No hub required, compatible with most wifi routers (only 2.4GHz wireless network). It allows you to DIY many smart projects: smart lights, fans, garage doors, humidifiers, thermostats, etc.

Group control multiple smart 1 gang module

Create a group for all smart relays, one-key control, a smart relay can be controlled by multiple mobile phones, shared with family members, everyone can easily control. It is very suitable for hard-to-reach appliances and equipment without an on/off switch. Important accessories for home automation systems.Compact design mini smart switch

This mini-designed smart WIFI module is suitable for wall switch boxes. It can be easily hidden in the hidden wall switch box of traditional switches without affecting your original decoration style and making it smart. More importantly, your traditional switch and the smart module can work independently in non-interference mode.
(Note: This module is only suitable for rocker switches) If you have any questions about the use, you can contact us at any time, and we will help you solve this problem. Our goal is to satisfy every customer.

Easy Installation for WIFI smart Module Switch in Pakistan


Smart timer Switch Wiring Diagram
Smart timer Switch Wiring Diagram

The above diagram shows multiple ways this smart module can be installed in combination with existing rocket switches to seamlessly connect the device to internet for control on mobile phone application.

This mini smart Timer Switch best price in Pakistan.


Smart Circuit Breaker 2P – Smart energy monitoring Sub Meter

Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm

Google Nest, Smart Life, Tuya



Connection Type

WIFI, Wired, Wireless

Voice Controlled

Alexa, Google Home

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    It is wonder device .. so small but still very useful

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