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Smart Circuit Breaker 2P – Smart energy monitoring Sub Meter

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6 In 1 Smart Circuit Breaker

  • Smart Energy Meter
  • Sub Electricity Meter
  • Prepaid Electricity digital Meter
  • Over Volt Protection
  • Under Volt Protection
  • Timer Circuit breaker Switch
  • Mobile Application Tuya / Smart Life
  • Voice controlled Google Assistant & Alexa

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Smart Circuit Breaker with WIFI mobile application to check usage real time and make timer schedule.

Large LCD Display to see real time energy usage. Over and under voltage protection. Limit Voltage for safety as per requirement. Set schedule for water heater or industrial machinery. Heavy duty to run maximum load. This electric circuit breaker can work as WiFi Reclosing Protector.

Best circuit breaker for usage with solar system. Check real time electricity usage and also make schedule to turn on and off. check usage on Android/ IOS mobile application from anywhere in the world. Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.Set Max and Min voltage.Best circuit breaker for usage with solar system. Check real time electricity usage and also make schedule to turn on and off. check usage on Android/ IOS mobile application from anywhere in the world. Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.Set Max and Min voltage. This can be used to track energy consumption in solar electric panel.

Smart Circuit Breaker DIN Rail
Smart Circuit Breaker DIN Rail

COMPLETE CONTROL. Use your smartphone to control appliances, such as heaters, AC devices,

and lights, from anywhere, whether from your couch or another city, ideal for hard-to-reach and

high-power appliances, devices without on/off switches

  • Energy monitoring, Set power unit price ,can calculate house device power consumption
  • Energy Monitoring Circuit breaker
  • Digital sub meter
  • Prepaid electricity meter
  • Real active power display on app
  • AC 220 Volt
  • 2 pole single phase smart circuit breaker with neutral
  • LCD Display Circuit Breaker
  • Din Rail Size
  • Tuya Circuit Breaker
  • Smart Life Mobile Application
  • Rated current (A) 1 – 63 (Adjustable)
  • Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60
  • Rated power (W) 63A: Resistivity load ≤13000W; Inductive load ≤6000W
  • Power consumption (W) <2
  • Ambient temperature -25~+60°C
  • Environmental humidity <95%
  • Dimension 36×85×49mm
  • WiFi Re-closing Protector
  • Remote Control ON/OFF
  • APP can read kWh , R.M.S current , voltage , active power
  • LCD display, Real-time display of Voltage, Current, Active Power, reactive Power, power factory ,frequency, total Energy kWh
  • Power Supply: 90-300V AC 50/60Hz
  • Voice Control Smart Circuit Breaker
  • Google Assistant Control
  • Alexa Control
  • Reconnect time (delay on time): 1s-500s (default: 30s)
  • Electric leakage protection
  • Smart Voltage meter WIFI
  • Smart Ammeter WIFI
  • Digital electronic timer switch with daily and weekly programs
smart circuit breaker multi function
smart circuit breaker multi function

Single Phase 2p  single phase adjustable voltage and load max 63A WIFI Smart Energy Meter Kwh Monitoring Circuit breaker Timer with voltage current protection

WIFI energy meter
WIFI energy meter

WIFI Control Smart Circuit breaker Features

  1. Under voltage protection,
  2. Overload protection
  3. Earth leakage protection, delay protection,
  4. Energy and electricity metering
  5. Timer setting switch.
  6. Remote control can be realized only when the protection switch of remote control is in the state of networking. “On” “Off” set the
    current, voltage and leakage to limit the electricity consumption through the parameters of mobile phone APP.
  7. This product is not short circuit protection, please use together with air breaker, to prevent the line or equipment short circuit fire
    caused unnecessary loss.
  8. When the device is not connected to the network, it can be connected to the device through Bluetooth of mobile phone within 20
    meters to realize remote control “On” and “Off”.
  9. Product protector switch width 36mm, 2 placeholders.
  10. Without the need for remote control, the device can also realize automatic closing, over-voltage, under-voltage, leakage can also
    play a protection.
  11. Product parameter setting, current 1~63A can be set, over voltage 250~300V, under voltage 150~190V, leakage 10~99mA (can
    close the leakage function), delay time 5~90 seconds can be set (can only be set on the switch).
  12. Product switch setting long press the setting button for three seconds to enter the setting procedure, short press the query, the
    leakage will not automatically close after three times, the display is OFF
WIFI Circuit Beaker Wiring
WIFI Circuit Beaker Wiring

Note: This switch cannot be used as a main breaker. Please install an miniature circuit breaker with overload and short-circuit
protection function before this product.

Over Volt Under voltage protection Auto Circuit Breaker.

Keep your electronics safe with this smart circuit breaker. You can set min and max voltage range and it will auto close in case of out of range. This can be used as Over Under voltage Protection relay. It is best for Over-voltage protection devices for home in Pakistan. Adjustable Voltage Protector can work at preset voltage and save your electrical devices.

Auto Close Circuit breaker for out of range voltage protection.

Adjustable Voltage Protector has a wide range of 1 – 63 amp and can be preset to protect your home / electrical appliance / geyser / motor / water heating / air conditioner / heavy machinery / medical equipment and can be used as industrial Automation device. It has built in timer and schedule function to auto start and stop as per your requirement. It can also work with humidity and temperature sensor to automatically work when required.

Electricity meter with Mobile application

Over - Under Volt Protection
Over – Under Volt Protection

Large LCD display Din rail Size

circuit breaker smart control
circuit breaker smart control

Breaker with Large LCD and Tuya Smart Life Mobile Application



Timer Switch best price in Pakistan



Google Nest, Smart Life, Tuya


Omni, Smart Life, Tuya

Voice Controlled

Alexa, Google Home

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  1. Shahnawaz Shah

    smart circuit breaker is best for knowing real time usage of electricity on mobile application. will buy more

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